How to start and grow your YouTube video channel?

How to start and grow your YouTube video channel?

Videos are an engaging form of content marketing. The time is long gone when people would upload videos on YouTube only for fun. Now YouTube has become a significant source of income for many content creators. YouTube is the second largest search engine, and it is vital to make sure that your video is uploaded with the right keyword and in the proper format for maximum views. Before you begin, it is always ideal to have a logo for your channel in place. You can choose a video collage maker with music like this one here to design a logo of your channel that you can use when the video begins. 

The process of making and uploading video:

1. Video Idea and research:

Before you start making travel videos, it is essential to understand what you are going to shoot and research it in depth. The type of video is also important, and you can either make a travel vlog, a travel guide, or a basic travel video that revolves around what you love to do and explore. If you are travelling to a new place, it is better to do research on the area and find out the sites and locations that are preferred by the tourists. Travel videos are incomplete without having a personal touch of the local cuisine and the general lifestyle of people there. Hence, it is important to research the same as well before going to the new place for shooting the vlog. 

2. Filming your video:

As necessary as the research and location are, filming a good quality video is also essential. High-end cameras can be expensive, but nowadays there are many affordable cameras and phones available in the market that take high-quality videos and pictures. To take good stable videos, tripods and monopods are a good investment. 

Lens, mic, and camera quality plays a huge role, but it is not necessary to get them right away. You can start with small and affordable equipment, and depending on your needs; you can expand your setup. 

It is a personal choice whether the uploader wants their face on the video or not. Understandably, one can get conscious while shooting themselves in front of the camera or speaking while taking shots, but things get better with practice. 

When shooting a video, make sure you take many closeups and long shots which can be edited later to fit the story of the video. Food is an essential part of any travel video, and hence it is important to take good shots of food. 

3. Editing your videos:

Before uploading a video, you should make sure it is thoroughly edited according to the story you have thought about. Every travel vlog has four main parts: Introduction (which can last about 10- 15 seconds) is engaging for the viewers, captures their attention, and gives them enough information about the video that they are going to watch. Second is the logo of the channel (5 – 6 seconds). This is the point where you should use  logo reveal after effects templates from a tool like InVideo to create attractive and dynamic animated logos. The third is the body and content of the video. Depending on how long your content is, it can be 3 to 15 minutes long. Fourth is the ending part of the video (10-15 seconds) where you can ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel and give you likes and share your video. It is also the part where you can ask the viewers what they would like to see in your channel while also increasing the viewer engagement.

There are many editing tools and software available for free. The paid versions offer more choices and options to make your video more aesthetic and beautiful. 

If you wish to add music to your video, you can opt for royalty-free music available online. Adding natural background sounds over certain shots of the travel vlog adds to the quality of the video. 

4. Uploading the video:

When uploading your videos, it is a good practice to upload them as ‘private’ as you sort out the keywords, description, title, annotations, etc., before it is made available to the public. Then whenever you’re ready to go live, all you have to do is make it public. The entire process of uploading the video on YouTube is pretty easy. Click on the ‘Video’ logo on the upper right corner and upload the video from there. But listeners sometimes prefer to listen to audio songs. That’s why music lovers choose to have a YouTube to mp3 converter to listen to audio songs.

However, the work does not end there; you will have to add the title, tags, and description of the video. Optimising your video for youtube helps in getting more reach and generating views. Before uploading the video, it is better to research the tags and keywords that are widely used for a particular place or location. The title and description should be eye-catching, short but should be able to give maximum information about the video. 

Growing your Youtube channel

Subscribers are an important part of the youtube channel. You can link your youtube videos on your social media pages which will get the attention of your friends and followers and hopefully they will share the page and help gain more subscribers. 

Another method is by creating Evergreen videos that gain views even after a certain time. Other things that you can do is analyse the watch time of the videos which will give you an idea about the time viewers are spending on them. This can help you edit and make videos accordingly. Annotations are the small clickable boxes that popup when you watch the video and they are a great way to link other videos and even ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Arranging your channel with proper playlists will not only help you but also the subscriber to find the particular video they might be looking for. Prompting the viewers an option to engage with you and your content through the comment section can help in gaining reach and subscribers too.