Best Android Apps For Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Did you know that your smartphones are far more powerful than your standard computer? It is even more powerful than the Apollo 11 guidance computers. In the past two years, mobile apps have grown by 50% to make our life easier than before, while some entertain us in some way.


Thanks to this technological innovation, many entrepreneurs have successfully grown their business. It makes it easier for them to manage their Houston online marketing campaign in many ways.

For start-up business owners and entrepreneurs, there are lots of cool digital marketing apps to make your work life more comfortable. But which of them worth using? Below is our list of the Top marketing apps you can use for this year. 


Whether you are handling a single social media account or managing more than one, Buffer is a perfect app that can handle different tasks. You can use the app to schedule your post across all social media platforms at once. With this, you can ensure that all your content is posted at your audience peak time. The app also comes with an image creation tool called ‘Pablo’ that helps you create images that are compatible with all social media platforms. It also comes with analytics that shows your best and worst-performing content so you can adjust your strategy accordingly. 


By using Hootsuite, one can easily manage multiple social media in one place. You can post updates, review comments, and connect with your customers. You can also do content schedules as well as social media listening. One can easily manage customer service effectively since one can use the app to view customer questions coming from their different social media accounts. It also comes with an analytics feature that tells if your strategy is working or not. Moreover, the app also provides extensive monitoring and reporting features that are convertible into professional-looking and printable reports for your business.

Facebook Business Manager

This app allows you to manage your Facebook business process using a centralized dashboard. It also helps you to prepare business reports easily as well as gain insights on your audience like views, post reach, new likes, and so much more. If you have multiple pages and ad accounts, you can easily manage all of them using the app. 

Facebook Ads Manager

If your business runs ads for Facebook or Instagram, this marketing app can help you with your Facebook or Instagram marketing campaigns. Stay on top of your digital marketing campaigns, create schedules, and set budgets. Easily manage all your ads, and receive and read notifications with the palm of your hand. Also, the app will help you manage ad spend and monitor your Houston online marketing campaign success.


Originally named as Latergramme, the Later app allows its users to schedule and publish posts for Instagram. One frustrating thing about Instagram is that it cannot allow you to post content at a later time. On the other hand, Later solve this problem by allowing you to post your content later. Moreover, it also allows you to manage multiple Instagram accounts with this app. You can also link images easily from a library like Dropbox and Google. It also provides analytics that provides reports on user activity and hashtags. 


If you want to know what exactly the internet is saying about your brand, this app got your back. The app was specifically created to monitor social media as well as blogs and newly established websites. It can provide dated reports on what is being said online about your brand, and other essential information you want to know. Also, for quick access, you can link all your social media accounts. You can also create customized statistics that can be useful to your business.


If you need a tool to produce high-quality and professional images for social media, then you might want to try the Canva app. It brings all its features from the web version right onto your mobile phone. The app provides pre-built templates, and easily drag elements into place to produce custom images. Also, with Canva’s integrated social sharing feature, one can easily share pictures directly on their social media with just a few taps on the screen. Canva is a great tool, especially if you need a simple image editor.

Grammarly Keyboard

Every time you create emails and marketing posts, you need to make sure that they don’t contain any grammatical and typographical errors since it could affect the credibility of your brand. The Grammarly Keyboard is just the perfect tool, similar to having a professional editor. The app lets you automatically scan your content for any grammatical errors or misspellings. It helps to correct poor grammar and spelling mistakes. Furthermore, it enables you to become a better content writer over time. Best of all, this app comes free and works inside any app on your mobile phone.


Collaborating with famous influencers to promote your brand is essential to making all your digital marketing effort to succeed, and REP is an incredibly helpful tool for this task. It provides a marketplace where all influencers and brands can find each other to connect and collaborate easily. The app also provides some collaboration options like free collab, paid, and pay-per-click collaborations. If you are an influencer, the app can be used to earn money, getaways, and products. The app can even send payments directly, which makes it easier to handle each transaction.


One of the biggest hurdles with marketing is having to manage a bunch of sites to track all your data. Plai is a fantastic new app that uses both analytics reports from Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Youtube. It provides an excellent visual experience that helps you to track your daily marketing results. The app also comes with keyword research and trending content. Before you create a marketing campaign or even before posting content, it allows you to view trending content in your niche and discover relevant keywords. With this, you can learn the latest marketing strategies. This app is an excellent way to use your marketing analytics for your business.