How to Grow Followers on Instagram for Business

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58% of today’s audience say they become more interested in buying from a brand after checking it out in an Instagram story.

So, if you have not tried to increase your followers on Instagram yet, you are not doing it right! Brand stories on Instagram have an 86% completion rate. Now you can imagine how successful you can be in your business with Instagram marketing.

What Do You Mean by Instagram Marketing?

It is the process for businesses to connect with their target audience and establish a great engagement with them using pictures and videos. In the past few years, Instagram has become one of the buzzing tools for brand marketing through which you can showcase anything to your audience, from corporate cultures to your products and services. And the best part is that you can do everything excitingly and innovatively. That’s why it’s not very tough to grow followers on Instagram.

All you need to do is act smartly, creatively, and of course, out of the box! Hence, Instagram marketing is one of the best ways to attract more customers and boost your customer journey while establishing your brand’s identity like never before.

So, this was all about what Instagram marketing is. If you want to know how to grow followers on Instagram for your business, keep reading. Of course, followers are crucial, especially active, attentive, and real followers.

Below are some effective ways to grow the number of such great followers on Instagram for your business:

  1. Talk about Your Instagram Account on Your Other Networks 

Most businesses are not just available in one social media platform; they are active in many. It must be the same scenario with you. Right? So, why don’t you make the most out of this fact? 

Start letting your audience know that you are available on Instagram as well. If they like your content on other social media platforms, they will mostly check what you have posted on your Instagram handle. And if the available content on your Instagram is valuable too, maximum chances are there that they become your followers instantly. 

Make sure you link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile and other social media networks. This will help you give your audience on Facebook, Twitter, etc., an idea of what they can anticipate on your Insta feed. Chances will increase for those who are your followers on these social media platforms to become your Insta followers too. 

  1. Make Use of the Right Hashtags

Everyone is aware of the fact that hashtags drive Instagram. So, just like Twitter, it is very important to use the right hashtags on the right posts on Instagram, making them more popular and discoverable. However, you need to make sure that you check the hashtag’s meaning before using it with your Instagram posts. And the most crucial thing here is to use only such hashtags that go well with your brand voice. 

Doing so will help you attract more people and take your followers on Instagram to the next level; the followers who are meaningful and valuable for your business. You need to ensure that you are always keeping an eye on the latest hashtags when it comes to Instagram marketing. They change from time to time, and you should know the most recent ones to continue trending in this cut-throat business environment.

  1. Accentuate Things with Video Content on Instagram 

Today’s world is all about being visually appealing. Like Facebook and Twitter, video is one of the most trending types of content on Instagram. So, post more video content on your business’s Instagram profile and take your engagement level to the next level; your followers will grow more than ever before.

You need to be quirkier and more compelling with your short-form videos and reels; thus you will grow your Instagram followers a lot. Are you not having great ideas? Check out your competitors’ Instagram handles and see what they are doing!

  1. Do Efficient Brand Page Optimization

Your brand page on Instagram is the public face of your company. And there is a lot you can do on this platform to promote your brand name. Make the most out of your Instagram brand page to introduce your business to the world. As Instagram has more than 1 billion users now, it is sure that you will be able to increase your followers with proper Instagram marketing.

You can either link your Instagram handle to your brand’s homepage or build a landing page exclusively for your Instagram users. Both of these are effective ways to get more Instagram followers.

These are some crucial factors that you need to take care of while designing your brand page on Instagram. They are a brand username, an in-detail Insta bio, profile image, and relevant captions for your pictures. Moreover, you need to add the essential contact options like email, directions, call numbers, on your brand’s Instagram handle. You need to ensure that all your contact information are in the form of clickable buttons on your Instagram profile. 

They will be great call-to-action, and your audience will be able to communicate with your brand effortlessly. Finally, they will become your followers

  1. Concentrate More on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a common thing, but Instagram has recently become the latest home for it on the web. There are many Instagram influencers out there, and they are the true rockstars of the social media world. If you want to get more followers on Instagram, take their help during Instagram marketing. Their followers are very engaged, so they have the power to bring you active users who are ready to purchase your products or services instantly.

If you want to get started with influencer marketing on Instagram, start finding the Instagram accounts of such influencers who work in your niche. Once you are done with that, you should contact the account owners directly. Most popular influencers will have their contact email address in their profile. Their purpose is to help their audience know  about their sponsored post rates.

So, what are you waiting for?

Find the big names in your industry and contact them now. You can see the difference in no time after you start working with them; your followers will grow by leaps and bounds!

  1. Engage with Your Competitors’ Followers on Instagram

One of the most effective ways to get new followers on Instagram is by seeking them from your major competitors’ Instagram accounts. People interested in your competitors’ brands will probably be most interested in your business, so their chances of becoming your customers are more!

Make sure you are engaging well with your competitors’ audience. The more you engage with them, the more they will be interested in your business. Like and comment on their posts, follow them, tell them how your business is better than others (which they are already following).

Moreover, you should be tricky while trying to attract your competitors’ followers. For example, if you want to get the followers of one of your local competitors, you can add your city name to your profile. This will give rise to an amazing sense of familiarity between your brand and the people you want to get as your followers. 

Many brands have been following this trick on Instagram to attract their competitors’ followers for a long time. If you have not done that yet for your business, you are missing out on an important aspect. What are you waiting for? Start engaging with your competitors’ followers now!

  1. Post Constantly on Instagram

If you have recently added Instagram to your social media strategy, you must remember that it’s a huge commitment. You can’t be irregular on Instagram. Your business should have a constant objective to post a minimum of once a day on Instagram. It is crucial to have a definite workflow and a pipeline of the visual content that you will be posting soon. Once you have successfully understood this flow, begin to ramp things up and aim for two or three posts a day; post even more to stay ahead in the competition.

  1. Post at the Right Time

We all know that Instagram is all about sizzling images; only they can get eyes on your messages. So, if you are not a photography firm, it might be tough for you to post eight to ten posts in a day.

Thus, timings become crucial here. You need to concentrate on this aspect to attract more followers to your Instagram business account. Publishing your posts on Instagram during optimal times can help you entice more people towards your business. Make sure you find out the right time when your audience is more active on Instagram and always stick to it to take your brand’s social presence to the next level.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to attract maximum followers to your brand’s Instagram account?

Don’t wait anymore!

Aim to follow the above excellent tips, and nothing can stop you from increasing the number of your Instagram followers by a thousand folds.

Wish you all the very best.