The Common Types of Digital Marketing: A Simple Guide

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the average company spends around 11% of its annual budget on marketing. That’s not a small amount of money, so it mustn’t go to waste.

Figuring out the most effective way to invest in digital marketing can be a challenge. To help you understand a bit more about your options, we’ve outlined some of the most common types of digital marketing below. Make sure to keep reading so you can grow your business without going broke!

Content Marketing

If your business doesn’t have a blog and YouTube channel, you’re missing out on some serious potential to reach your audience. Content marketing helps you reach your audience through organic means by providing helpful and informative content.

Your goal with your content is to provide something of value first, not sell your product or service. Over time, you’ll develop a relationship with your audience and earn their trust.

Of the kinds of digital marketing on this list, content marketing is the most affordable, as you only need a website.

Social Media Marketing

With billions of users across the globe, social media marketing should be a no-brainer.

Though it provides the potential for greater audience reach, it’s also a riskier investment as you’re competing with thousands of other businesses for your audience’s eyeballs. Your best bet is to use a digital marketing agency that specializes in social marketing.

Plus, you can pair social media marketing with content marketing by cross-posting your blogs and videos to your social channels.

Influencer Marketing

Research shows that consumers are more hesitant to trust marketing than ever, with 96% of consumers saying they don’t trust ads. What’s more, with tools that block advertisements becoming commonplace, businesses need to look at unique ways to reach their audience and earn trust.

Influencer marketing solves this problem by pairing businesses with content producers their audiences already trust.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

It can take weeks before you notice an effort with organic marketing efforts. Even so, there’s no guarantee you’ll see your website at the top of the search results page.

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, solves both problems. It also remains the fastest of the different types of digital marketing out there, as you’ll see results almost instantly.

However, it’s also among the most expensive marketing types. As with social marketing, your best bet is to partner with an agency for a PPC strategy so you can spend your money wisely.

Grow Your Business and Explore These Types of Digital Marketing

Before we wrap things up, there’s one lingering question: which of these types of digital marketing is the best for your business?

While we’d love to provide a clean, definitive answer, the best course of action for your business depends on the audience you’re looking to attract. Furthermore, your best bet is to use one of — or all — of these digital marketing methods, as they work in conjunction.

If you’d like to learn more about digital marketing, make sure to keep up with the latest content on our blog!