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Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

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Anyone who is creating content knows how important it is to effectively market on social media. Social media platforms are the best and easiest way to get your content out to millions of people to grow your audience overall. While social media can be a great way to expand

Social Media Advertising vs Marketing: What Are the Differences?

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Studies have shown that 52% of people discover new brands on social media. This makes it a popular marketing tool for businesses to use. But, social media algorithms make it hard for your company to show up on the feeds of your ideal targets at times. Business owners look at social media advertising and

3 Inbound Marketing Tips That Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Inbound marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy that focuses on creating experiences that draw people in, rather than pushing a company’s message out. This type of marketing is based on the principle that if you focus on building meaningful relationships with customers and solving actual problems, people

How to Edit Your Social Media Photos: A Brief Guide

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In an age where image is everything, you need to be on top of the kind of images that you post online. Whether you’re posting on the image-based Instagram or another social media app, you’ll need to be on top of how your social media photos are coming across. 

How to Improve the Look of Your Instagram Feed

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Having a perfectly curated Instagram feed is at the top of every influencer’s and content creator’s minds at the moment. The popular photo-sharing app has become a place for brands to find ambassadors, and everyday individuals to gain fame and fortune. One of the most important factors when it