Reaching Millennial Moms Through Native Advertising

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Sharethrough created this timely and comprehensive infographic that shows how millennial moms should be reached through native advertising.

Sharethrough Millennial Moms Native

Infographic Summary:

Millennial moms are a prized target. They are the primary decision makers in their househoulds and they have a massive amount of purchasing power. More than anything, they want relevant content targeted to their lifestyle.

Millennial moms are a large and influential demographic
There are 9 million millennial moms in the U.S and 83% of new moms are millennials with over 170billion dollars spending power. Millennial moms are busy and have to juggle work, family to grow and marriages to tend too. 2/3 of millennial moms are married and 3/4 of millennial moms are working to earn income.

They are a connected generation

90% of millennial moms own a smartphone and spend 2+ hours a day spent on their mobile devices. 55% use their smart phones while watching TV, creating the perfect setting for a native advertising experience. Their online activities mimic their busy lives and 76% look up recipes online, 76% search/browse parenting communities, 69% pay bills and 64% buy online.

Their interests are specific to their lifestyle

The majority of millennial moms look for brands that match their healthy lifestyles. Children well-being, marriage and relationships.

Myth: millennials are hard to reach
Two thirds have a positive perception of a native ad if it is high quality content like an education video or article.

Connect with them on their favorite sites
realsimple, people, eHow, diply.

Promote relevant, authentic content

  • 58% of millennial moms feel that it is important for brands to understand what matters to them as a parent.
  • 33% of moms watch online videos while watching TV.
  • Facebook is the top social media connection for millennial moms.
  • Pinterest usage increases when millennials become moms.
  • Target them across devices.

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