4 Simple Tips for Growth Hacking & Infographic

Tips for Growth Hacking examples

Tips for Growth hacking are much needed. This concept is the explosive growth of a product from a carefully planned and well executed marketing strategy. This guide provides 4  tips for growth hacking – factors to successfully growth hack your way to success.

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4 Tips for Growth Hacking



1. Craft an innovative Business Model

The first step to planning out your business is to carefully consider how the business will operate. Make sure that you have a unique value proposition and design a disruptive pricing model.

2. Focus on Attracting Customers

You cannot have a business with out luring customers in. Make sure you set achievable goals, choose a product people love and offer it for a limited time. As you launch, spread the news rapidly and annouce winners. You also will want to focus on your SEO efforts and build quality backlinks. To do this Analyze trends and find a catchy topic. Create epic content – make it fun to read – submit it to Google and Publish! Reach out to bloggers and offer your content. Get a link back to your site.

Guest Blogging

Use Alltop.com and find the best blogs in your niche. Write an article with their audience in mind and become a regular contributer. Write them and email to become a contributer, send your article to be published and ultimately engage readers and respond to comments.

3. Activate and engage customers

Be active with your customers by hosting webinarst to focus on yout value proposition. Also make sure you use Social media to offer promotions, use polls and ask for feedback. Remember, visual content gets shared 40x More on social media.

Email Marketing

Transactional Emails have 8x more opens and clicks. Don’t forget to include call to action button to Increase Conversion Rates by 28%

4. Split Test, Adjust, Improve

Small optimizations over time can yield tremendous results. Check out some of these tips.

  1. Heading – Use numbers and signs. Include adverbs.
  2. Behavior – Heatmap results matters. Use A/B Testing Softwares.
  3. Landing Page – Focus on conversion rate. Color, Buttons, Menus, Sidebars, Popups.
  4. Content / Context – Tailor It For Audience
  5. Tell a Story
  6. Include LSI Keywords
  7. Reduce Bounce Rate