15 Real Life Advertising Fails You Can’t Ignore

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Ever look at an advertisement and think wow this is a real life advertising fail? Throughout history, the person who is in charge of buying the actual ad placements has had countless opportunities to pick the perfect spot and convey the message of their brand.

While many placements are bought in prime locations and seen by many, there have been many times where the ad placement unintentionally will raise an eyebrow. Here are 15 real life ad placements fails.

1. Who from the subway approved this?

Advertising Fail 1

2. I bet Trump would have a lot to say about this unfortunatly..

Advertising Fail 2

3. Remember, this is someone’s grandmother.

Advertising Fail 3

4. Oh yes it is.

Advertising Fail 4

5. There used to be 7 fabulous breaks then this happened.

Advertising Fail 5

6. Microsoft definitely bought the 404 error placement.

Advertising Fail 6

7. Sorry Nicki.

Advertising Fail 7

8. But Seriously, Micky D’s is never a healthy choice.

Advertising Fail 8

9. He’s watching you so turn around, son.

Advertising Fail 9

10. It’s a great look.

Advertising Fail 10

11. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Advertising Fail 11

12. It happens.

Advertising Fail 12

13. Or if you don’t have a phone you can find Bradford at the Winery.

Advertising Fail 13

14. Does Dunkin Doughnuts have something to do with this?

Advertising Fail 14

15. The temptation was just too great.

Advertising Fail 15