7 Different Types of Social Media Managers

Sproutsocial opens our eyes with their breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of different types of social media managers.

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7 Different Types of Social Media Managers

1. The SEO-Minded

Keen understanding of keywords and how to take advantage of social media optimization
Able to work well with SEO team and boost the search strategy
Resourcefulness in finding chances to earn links through social media
Analytical in approach and isn’t afraid of data and trends

Sometimes the content created is too focused on keywords
May de-emphasize building long-term genuine relationships through social media
Might see social media as just a place of the seo strategy instead of it’s own entity
Engaging and interacting on social might not seem useful if there isnt an immediate benefit

2. The Advertiser

Creative and able to deliver out-the-box strategies.
Unafraid to use social media to generate leads
Has a strategic approach to social media

Can be too sales driven with social media
Can focus too much on the “big campaign” and less time on the day-to-day activities
Pays less attention to building organic and loyal social following

3. The Social Butterfly

Geneuinely enjoys using social media.
Able to approach social media marketing from the perspective of the customer
Gives brands a unique voice that appeals to the masses

Lacks experience in the online marketing field
May not know how to suitable deal with crisis management or PR issues
Tends to take less strategic approaches to social media management

4. The Publicist

Specializes in avoiding humiliating situations that damage brands
Prioritizes consistent brand and voice throughout social networks
Knows how to respond to negative attention on social media

Lacks experience in some of the technical areas
Might paint unealistic or inauthentic picture of the company
Could have difficulty putting together a lead generation plan on social media

5. The content wizard

Creates content that can go viral
Great a curating content for numerous target audiences
Focuses on quality content instead of quantity

Dosen’t take an analytical/data driven approach
Relies on engaging with social influencers rather than customers and leads
Might spend too much time working on content that dosen’t deliver a positive ROI

6. The Scientist

Can easily explain the decision-making process
Makes it simpler to calculate social media ROI
Interprets data and uses the findings to make smarter decisions

Dosen’t like to take risks on ideas that don’t have research to back it
Often reactive rather than proactive when creating new initiatives
Tends to neglect the parts of social media that are difficult to track

7. The Purebred

Creates and executes entire social media strategies from start to finish
Able to successfully utilize all social media channels
Forward thinking and constantly coming up with new ideas

Can easily be spread too thin
Often in high demand and can be difficult to find
Not particularly strong in any single area – a jack of all trades