Header Bidding Network List

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Header bidding has taken the digital advertising industry by storm. Here is a curated list of the top header bidding networks for client side, server to server (S2S) and header bidding analytics platforms. If we are missing a network, please reach out via our contact form. If you are

3 Digital Advertising Trends to Jump On

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John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility created a short and effective informational video explaining three digital advertising trends you should jump on before you miss the boat. Video Summary Video Ads Video is the fastest growing medium online for people to consume content. People are looking for video because they simply

Key challenges faced on the programmatic playground

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Publishers in 2017 face an array of barriers to profitability. Platforms are competing for publisher revenues, programmatic intermediaries pile on the costs to facilitate new ad buys, and ad opportunities are compromised by consumers using ad blockers. FatTail explores in detail some of the key challenges faced on the

4 Server to Server (S2S) Header Bidding Trends

Header bidding has indeed taken the digital advertising industry by storm in 2017 with more and more publishers switching their ad stacks from a traditional tag based waterfall, to a client or server side header bidding setup. See Related: Header Bidding Guide for Dummies Most publishers use a client side

7 Tips to Win Big with Video Marketing in 2017

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  Today’s Article is Sponsored by Vinteo.tv With 2017 being the year that online video spending surpasses TV spending it’s never been a better time to get started with video ads to monetize your website.  Here are the seven biggest tips to maximize your revenue from video ads in