Preventing Fraud in Programmatic Advertising

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Fraud in Programmatic Advertising Marco Muzzi from AcquityAds is one of the good guys in the digital advertising Industry. His educational video is spot on in educating the public about what digital advertising fraud is in Programmatic, also known as Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and the preventative measures used to combat fraud.

How internet advertisers are reading your mind!

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Digital Advertising: Tracking the Trackers The Economist published an insightful video answering the question: how do internet advertisers read our minds? If you think about it, we are online  all the time. Every time we click, thousands of third party companies have the opportunity to harvest and make insights about us

How Real Time Bidding Works for Publishers

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How Real Time Bidding (RTB) Works Video Improve Digital, a Programmatic company and MediaMath, one of the most well known Demand side platforms created a concise video that explains how real time bidding (RTB) works for the publishers who power the digital economy of the internet. “The Battle of The

Digital Advertising Trends by Acesse Ads

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Acesse Ads created a great video about some of the mind blowing digital advertising trends here in 2015. Acesse Ads search recorded 450 million searches in the last year. Key Digital Advertising Trends in 2015: 40% of the world’s population is online. Data is DNA of the internet and the massive

IAB on Viewability 2015

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the watchdog agency that sets the standards for the digital advertising industry created a video to report on viewability trends and statistics for 2015. With viewbility and ad fraud still being a major concern for advertisers, it is very important that all of the stakeholders in