Growing a Well Balanced Blog: Infographic

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Only the finest ingredients! Starting a blog and effectively growing one to the point where you are making some decent ad revenue is not easy. The age old story of a hopeful internet marketer trying to make a living off of a website has been experienced too many times by

revcontent Review

Website: Category: Native Advertising Monthly Stats: 100+ Billion recommendations/month Traffic Minimum: 30,000 Payment Model: Advertisers:  CPC, auction; Publishers: rev share, flat fee, CPM Countries: Ads are seen on every continent Display: 100% customizable widgets Mobile: 100% customizable widgets Targeting Geographic, demographic, contextual, channel, site-specific About revcontent With over

Mobile Viewability Infographic – The Mobile Majority

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The Mobile Majority, a well known leader of mobile advertising technology, created this unbelievable mobile viewability infographic that educates the digital advertising ecosystem about the many complexities of viewability on mobile devices. With the rise of mobile rapidly becoming a very enticing and effective medium for brands to advertise there messages, it has

Supersonic: Mobile Advertising Review

Website: Category: Supply Side Platform & Demand Side Platform Monthly Stats: +500 Million global users Traffic Minimum: None Payment Model: Net-15 Countries: 100% Global Rate Display: All Mobile sizes Mobile: Interstitials, App Trailers, Offerwall and Ad Mediation Video: Rewarded Video Targeting: Algorithmic Supersonic- The Leading Mobile Advertising Technology

Google on Video Viewability [Infographic]

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How viewable are video ads? Think with Google released an infographic to educate the industry on how viewability is measured on video ads. Video ads have become a major source of revenue for publishers, preferred creatives for advertisers and a segment of the industry that needs to go under the microscope to