20 Productivity Apps to Stay Organized

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A solid productivity app is is a game changer for the modern entrepreneur. Every day you are faced with limitless options of tasks and decisions to make. Thousands of ideas cross our minds every day and it’s tough to make sense of it all and form an optimal plan of action.

How to Calculate ROI of Social Media Accounts

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Digital marketers spend a lot of time and effort building and engaging audiences on their social media channels. Not understanding the Return on Inventment (ROI) of each channel is a common mistake for anyone trying to make a living on the internet. Here is what you need to know

Top Mobile Marketing Mistakes

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When developing an online strategy for mobile many marketers make the same mistakes time and time again which ultimately will lead to an ineffective mobile strategy with low acquisition and engagement rates. Formstack created this infographic that shows five reasons why your mobile strategy isn’t working and what you can

6 Qualities of a Great Leader + Quotes

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In the professional world you may have many bosses in your lifetime but not enough leaders. Great leaders are hard to come by .   6 Qualities of Great Leaders – Summary Vision Being able to turn revolutionary ideas into an executable action plan while keeping their team on track is a

Optimal Image Sizes to Share on Social Media

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Ever post an image or link on a social media channel and wanted to instantly take it back due to the image looking too big, small or off centered? Keep this this inforgraphic for optimal images sizes to share on social media handy and never disappoint your followers again!