Understanding Native Advertising

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What is Native Advertising? The Interactive Advertising Bureau created a wonderful video to define native advertising. Patrick Albano, the VP of Sales for Mobile, Social and Innovation for Yahoo sums up native advertising perfectly: Native advertising is something has become very popular over the last few years. Quite simply it

Digital Marketing Mobile Trends in 2015

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Hopping Online Marketing  shares some amazing statistics regarding mobile trends in 2015. 2015, the year of Mobile. There truly is a is a mobile movement going on. The trend of smartphone growth globally is spreading so quick and rapidly that sometimes we do not realize how connected we are to

Audience Based Digital Advertising Guide

Audience Based Digital Advertising Audience Science is committed to create a better online experience overall for everyone while simultaneously fostering a safe online environment where users feel secure about their personal data. Similar to television magazines and the radio, the content we see on the internet is funded primarily

How an Ad is Served in Real Time Bidding (RTB)

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Serving an Ad in Real Time The Interactive Advertising Bureau released a video that shows the process behind how an an ad is served in Real Time Bidding (RTB). When you visit a webpage with your desktop browser, a complex process of content selection and delivery begins.Video and Mobile device’s

The Online Advertising Ecosystem Explained

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Online Advertising: simple or complex? Global Rev Gen explains the Online Advertising Ecosystem in a picture perfect image. The digital world is thought of as being crowded, complex and changing at an exponential rate. It’s not easy to stay up to date with the latest digital advertising trends which can