10 Cool Marketing Resources for Small Business Owners

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Running a small business usually means that you are operating with a low budget. Probably, you have a small staff to manage the work. It becomes more vital to find resources to make your work easier without making a dent in your pocket. For instance, instead of going for

How using an exit intent pop-up on your eCommerce can help increase conversion rates and collect email leads

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If you want to increase conversion rates, boost email leads, and reach your target market, you need to use a new form of advertising on your web page to prevent consumers from leaving your website unhappy!  Benefits of exit-intent popups for your e-commerce success First, you might be wondering

How to develop a mobile app?

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Mobile apps are the means for a business to communicate with a customer directly. It helps the company present the solution to the customers in the most direct, personal way. It is the new and best way to market one’s business as it will surely reach the consumer and

Take Your Virtual Workspace to The Next Level by Creating Temporary and Permanent Rooms

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A virtual workplace is a workplace where instead of being personally connected in a location, you are digitally connected in a particular area.  The team members will be able to meet in a digital room for collaboration.  A virtual workspace is mainly used for remote working and adds high

The Difference: Residential vs. Datacenter Proxies

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Proxies can open many possibilities for businesses and individuals; however, choosing the right option might be confusing. This article will focus on datacenter proxies and residential proxies and how one might choose between them. What are Proxies? Proxies act as gateways between you and your connection to the internet.