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6 Tips to Ensure Your Company’s Digital Marketing is Cyber Safe

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Technology in modern society continues to grow fast. Companies are adapting to smart devices mostly due to their convenience. Unfortunately, this also means a rise in cyber-attacks. A breach of cyber security can have negative effects. For instance, you may lose all your important business data. You may also

Educate, Empower, Protect: Women’s Guide to AI-Proofing Your Photos

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In the age of digital transformation, the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought forth both marvels and challenges, particularly concerning the alteration of photos. For women, the impact goes beyond the visual realm, extending to issues of self-perception, authenticity, and the preservation of their digital identity. This article

Crafting a Cost-effective Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Business

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As the digital age progresses, the risk of cyberattacks on small businesses intensifies. The potential damage of these attacks isn’t just limited to immediate financial implications but can also tarnish a business’s reputation and disrupt its operational capabilities. Ensuring robust cybersecurity measures is paramount, even more so for businesses