Simple and Effective Strategies That Will Help Market Your Startup Business Better

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While many people have lost their jobs, taken salary cuts, and have had to shut down their businesses due to the global negative effects of the Coronavirus, many businesses have also been launched. These new businesses have presented some light during a dark time, providing need services, creating jobs, and innovating. 

If you are planning on, or have already gone out on your own, you may be wondering how to quickly and effectively get your business noticed. Here are some strategies and concepts to help you in marketing your business better.

Have Solid Marketing Foundations

This is not about the “foundations of marketing” but concerning having a strong foundation on which to build your marketing campaigns off. In almost all cases, your website is going to be the place where your marketing campaigns lead your potential customers to. It’s also where your customers are going to be able to contact you, buy your product, make a booking and learn more about you and what you do.

In the few cases where you are not using a website, you will need somewhere for people to find you and your business, so you may be using your business’s social media profile/page as your landing page.  If your website/landing page is not good, all of your other marketing efforts (And precious budget!) will go to waste. 

There are professionals whose entire job focus is around this, namely UX designers and web designers, but there is also enough information out there to get this right yourself if the budget is low. However, nowadays web design companies are becoming an affordable online marketing option as most web design businesses offer some of the core digital marketing services as well. The reason behind this is that modern websites need to be designed with things like SEO in mind, and so consequently web design companies have specialized in some of these skills.

Get On Social Media, But Get It Right

Everyone now understands the significance of social media for business, but not everyone knows how to use it properly and to market their business effectively. Most people are worried that they might be missing out on something, so they quickly set up social media profiles on all of the social networks they can think of. This is not a great strategy as you are probably going to struggle to keep up and simply, log in and fire out a few random posts.

This is not a good strategy for two reasons. One is that it is easy for your to share duplicate information, information that you have shared on other social networks, your followers might start ignoring you because your information is uninformative. The other reason is that you are probably stretched between posting on all the different social networks, so you just fire off a few posts and are talking at your audience and not with your audience. Using social media haphazardly can do great harm and take a lot of time and effort to rebuild trust.  

So, start with one or two social networks and give them your attention and best efforts. Your goal is to interact with your audience and to build trust with them. When you post content, make sure that it is informative and engaging. If you post media content, try to make it original and try to use videos and infographics if you can. Be consistent with your posting, rather post twice a week every week than seven days in a row and then nothing for a week. Slowly building trust over time is going to pay dividends in the future.

Leverage The Biggest Tools and Platforms

For those who are just starting with marketing their businesses, make use of the biggest platforms that have the greatest reach (You can reach the largest amount of people through these platforms). Firstly, you need to know which platforms your target market uses. If you know which platforms your target market uses, you can make use of the paid advertising services that the platform offers to directly reach your target market.

The best starting combo is Facebook and Google for paid advertising. Almost everyone has a Facebook profile and almost everyone uses Google to find something. By using Facebook’s paid ads your show ads to people on Facebook whom you think will be interested in your product. Usually, you will only pay when someone clicks on the ad(This is called Pay Per Click advertising (PPC)). By using Google search ads, your can show your ad to someone who searches for your product, when they search for your product or business with Google Search.

You should now have some simple and effective strategies to start marketing your new business. Remember to have a solid foundation to build your marketing strategies on, get your social media use right, and make use of the biggest platforms and tools to reach as many people as possible.