Top 7 Tips When Choosing a Web Design Company

You want your website to stand out from the crowd. Be talked about in social forums. And most importantly, get you those valuable prospects, leads, and conversions for your business. But, when starting up a new project, there are a million things to already take care of. Your website shouldn’t have to keep sitting on that to-do list forever.

Selecting a qualified web design company that understands you and holds the tools to transform your visions into a tangible landing page can be one of the biggest parameters of success. Although, with the plethora of service providers available now, it can be a little daunting to find the right fit.  After all, you have only 50 milliseconds before the user decides to either stay or bounce off.

So, you Google web designers in your area. Find a set of companies that sound kind of credible to you. Now, how to choose the best one?

Here are a few suggestions that shall help you form an informed decision.

Ask for a Portfolio

Knowledge comes with experience. You can accomplish only so much if the agency has not worked in your niche before. Study the work done by them to understand the skills and prowess they possess. A detailed portfolio is your inlet for evaluating the level of creativity, flexibility, and overall quality of the projects undertaken by the agency. It can also help determine any areas of specialization that the company boasts of. You can do this by either ringing them up or checking their website for past work.

Find People Who Share Your Passion

You know your business the best. While an agency holds the key to effective marketing, your passion and goals towards the industry need to be taken in consideration. Apart from focussing on the tangible business goals, your agency should resonate with your ideas and relate to them on the ground level. A team that recognises and believes in your vision shall work in accordance to create a design that brings in your ideal consumers and conversions. Streamlining your brand voice gets much easier with an agency listens, learns, and adapts to your core mission.

Check for Responsive Website Creators

The world is on the move. About 57% of all incoming web traffic is from mobile devices.  That means if your website is not mobile-friendly, you stand to lose a great chunk of your audience. This also applies to cross-platform compatibility. The agency you go for should have the requisite expertise to design and develop responsive websites. Crosscheck the proficiency of the creators by visiting the sites created by the agency. Keep a close eye on the resizing elements and ensure that the experience is indeed a smooth one.

Verify with Other Clients

Word of mouth is the oldest search engine ever to exist. Instead of forming a one-sided opinion by only hearing the great things the agency has to say, move to the other side of the picture and figure out what their past clients think. Social media platforms and unbiased review sites can be a great place to start. Get an idea of their client interactions, company culture, and customer complaints before going all in. Make sure to read multiple reviews on different platforms to avoid a skewed judgement.

Ensure They Can Keep Up with the Trends

Remember how with every new iPhone launch, your current phone feels a little out-dated? That’s exactly how web design works as well. To keep up with the times, your agency professionals should be continually updated about the latest website design trends and their optimized inclusion for a modern look. Web designers familiar with parallax animation, dynamic scrolling, grid designs, and the upcoming colour palettes give your website visuals a prolific look.  It is important to remember that functionality should never be sacrificed to incorporate any trends.

Compare the Additional Support and Services on Offer

In contrast to what you may think, website design is not a one-time process. After the development, certain tasks need to be undertaken on a continuous basis to ensure optimal performance. Always check whether a support system is in place to get this maintenance done. Additionally, web designing isn’t the end game. Getting traffic to the website that converts is. If your agency hosts ancillary services such as content marketing, SEO, and creative designing, you can push all in all your chips at once. Agencies like MintTwist sport a wide range of services to be the one-stop solution for all your website needs.

Hold That Bottom Line

You can find the best of the best. An agency that can get everything done. But, none of it would matter if they don’t fit your budget. Web design is a constructive process that can be priced in layers. While some agencies go for a comprehensive project quote, others might charge you hourly for their efforts. Both models have their pros and cons. The former gives you the flexibility to make revisions while sticking to the original plan without additional costs. On the other hand, the latter allows you to build on a base vision but holds the risk of extended work volumes.  Whatever you pick, ensure that it is clearly enumerated in the contract along with the deliverables and tentative dates.

There You Go

Be very intentional about choosing your web design company. They shall be the architects of what might become your perpetual brand image. Always find people who support and promote open communication and collaborative idea sharing over the template makers. Although there is no exhaustive list for everything you might need, the above tips should give you a fair idea of what works and what doesn’t. In the end, take your time and conduct extensive research before committing to a prolonged partnership. And remember, web design is the first step; an agency that commits to going all the way is one of the most vital factors for finding The One.