Infolinks Media Review: Still a Versatile Ad Network in 2021

infolinks media review

Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars

Thinking about working with Infolinks?

Infolinks Media is an ad network that has come a long day since it’s inception in 2007 providing 100% Direct, Viewable and Exclusive inventory from it’s insanely large network of publishers. The company has experienced massive growth under CEO Bob Regular and team. The company is based in Ridgewood, New Jersey but has team members worldwide for a veariey of functions.

To get a feel for just how big Infolinks is, simply take a look at their sellers.json file and you will see a massive list of publishers. In fact, they are integrated with over 100,000 partners boasting 240 million monthly unique visitors and 1.5 billion ad impressions a month.

Infolinks Media Company Information

Contact: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Email

Review of Infolinks Ad Unit Types

This ad network provides a variety of ad formats that can fit into any publisher monetization strategy or vertical. It makes sense to discuss with your account manager to decide which units would best be deployed. Adding custom ad units is an important part of any publisher monetization strategy in 2020.

We have seen these ad types on a variety of small, medium and large publishers which shows that Infolinks is willing to work with most reputable publishers even if they are small. It’s important for the industry to continue to support publishers of all size and we love to see this!

In article

The in article unit has high viewability and opens whenever a user scrolls down and creates engagement with the content.

infolinks inarcticle example

In Fold

Infolinks Media most popular unit has to be their sticky adhesion unit that you often see around the internet as a 728×90 or video slider. Infolinks has its own proprietary contextual demand integrated along with  header bidding and video demand making the unit an extremely powerful monetization opportunity.

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infolinks media ad unit infold

In Frame

If you have unsused blank space on the left and right side of your site, you can easily implement the Infolinks inframe unit which will create two 160×600 units on both sides. Usuing what would be blank real estate is becoming a popular trend for publishers to find new sources of ad earnings.

infolinks inframe

In Text

In text unit turn keywords into clickable ads. This is a completely brand new source of revenue for publishers and looks clean on the page. Many website owners neglect the fact that the actual keywords in their articles can be used as a monetization source. This is a great opportunity to turn clicks into revenue across an entire network of contextual advertisers.

intext ad unit

In Tag

An in tag unit shows high CPC keywords that are contextually related to the text on page. As seen in the screenshot below, when the user hovers over text, a relevant advertisement will appear.

in tag ad unit example

Video showing example ad units

If you check out their YouTube channel, you will see a variety of videos explaining their techology for publishers and advertisers.

Infolinks Payment Terms/Proof

The company has been in business for over 13 years and pay their bills. In fact, a Linkedin post by their CEO Bob Regular shows that they paid their publishers 30 days early in December. We have not heard any payment issues or clawbacks concerning Infolinks Media and consider them a reliable payment partners.

Payment Facts:
  • 65% base revenue share
  • NET45 Payment Terms
  • PayPal minimum threshhold is $50
  • Payoneer Compatible
  • ACH/Wire
  • eCheck

Conclusion – Should you work with this Ad Network?

Overall, we highly reccomend you give Infolinks Media a shot. They have both a mix of proprietary demand from their contextual network along with custom ad units and strong programmatic demand from various SSPs and ad exchanges. Since they have been around for over a decade, we believe they know the right way to do business and continue to grow their publisher and advertiser base further.