Best Ad Units for Mobile Traffic

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Best Ad Units for Mobile Traffic

Additional Ad Unit’s for Mobile Inventory

Having the right mobile ad unit strategy will greatly increase the revenue potential of your website. Google recently implemented an algorithm change to how she search engine ranks mobile queries making it important to have a website that is mobile optimized. It has always been difficult for publishers to create an optimal mobile monetization setup for their ad inventory.

Here are some of the highest CPM ad unit’s to implement for mobile traffic and the respective companies who provide them.

1. Mobile Anchor

Vendor: bRealTime

The bRealTime mobile anchor is a docked 320×50 at the bottom of your mobile webpage. It will move with the user as they scroll through the content. This a great additional mobile ad unit to increase your revenue stream. Aside from mobile unit’s bRealTime overs additional units such as desktop sliders, mobile overlays and standard desktop ads, mobile and tablet banners.

bRealTime Mobile Anchor Example

Vendor: Kargo

Kargo also has the capability to run mobile anchor unit’s. Kargo has many high quality advertisers and is a good option for mobile optimized sites.

Kargo Mobile Anchor


The mobile anchor oofers high quality advertisements as well as contextual advertisements that proove to be very effective against targeted traffic. Mobile Anchor

Vendor: Undertone

The Undertone Mobile Adhesion locks in a designated area at the edge of a screen. This unit also has the functionality to expand to a full-screen rich media canvas.

Undertone Mobile Adhesion Unit

2. Mobile Overlay

Vendor: bRealTime

The high impact bRealTime mobile overlay unit is deployed before or during a user’s navigation of the mobile site. Generally the size of a mobile overlay will be a 300×250.

bRealTime Mobile Overlay

Vendor:  Millennial Media

Millennial Media offer a mobile video overlay: Video Plus. This engaging video ad for mobile devices creates a full-screen landscape with a html overlay with the accompanying ad.

Millenial Media Mobile Video Overlay

3. Mobile Filmstrip

Vendor: AOL

A premium ad that incorporates storytelling into advertising capabilities. The ad deploys to become a full screen multi-panel experience.

AOL Mobile Filmstrip

Vendor: Microsoft

Microsoft advertising offers the Mobile Filmstrip, and even created a video to display the beautiful functionality.

4. Full Page Flex

Vendor: Undertone

An ad unit that is responsive the mobile devices orientation. The Flex format is a very popular mobile rising star.

Flex ad unit

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