10 Reasons to Work in AdTech

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10 Reasons to Work in AdTech   Digital ad agencies are great companies to work for in this day and age. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why you should work for a digital advertising company.

One Casual dress code – Most digital ad agencies in 2014 have a loose dress code. Employees generally arrive at work anywhere from 9 to 10 o’clock and have the freedom to wear whatever they want. The industry is young and generation Y is flocking to any open position to get the foot in the door.

Two, Open floor plans – Successful ad agencies embrace openness, collaboration and transparency between employees and management. Having minimal office and meeting rooms creates an environment where ideas are shared and fun social interactions during the day. It is better then sitting isolated at a desk all day, trust me!


Three, Competitive Salaries – Great talent can be hard to find. Most companies are interlinked and work together in the digital advertising ecosystem which makes competition fierce for high performing employees. There is so much revenue potential per new employee and they most likely have strategic relationships from the old company they worked for. Some people hop around the industry and others stay put. LumaScape

Four, Free food! – Everyone loves free food, lets be real. The typical digital advertising company has a kitchen stocked full of snacks, drinks and caffeine (the lifeblood of the industry!) While some agencies only provide snacks, others have been known to bring is breakfast and lunch everyday! I have even heard of an agency allowing their employees to order a meal on seamless.com every day! Free delivery is even better then catered, so many choices!

Five, Vacation time – Digital advertising is a 24/7 business that never sleeps. Employees do get burned out and need rest and relaxation. Fortunately, most Ad-tech companies give anywhere from two to four weeks a year on average on top of national holidays, company vacations, and summer fridays. Employees can always be connected through email so it is important that they get some quality time away from the office.

Six, Cool position titles – The industry is known for having some really creative names for an employee position. Here are some examples: Chief Happiness Officer, Ninja, Brand Warrior, Digital Overlord, Mobile Sensei, Chief Visionary Officer. (provided by imediaconnection)

Seven, Caffeine – And lot’s of it. An industry of caffeine addicts I must say 🙂 coffees, Sodas, espressos, redbulls, etc. A caffeinated work force is essential for a digital advertising company to answers the endless waves of emails!

Eight, Growth potential – Digital advertising spend is projected to grow from $119 billion to 205 billion by 2014! That is tremendous growth and working at a a digital ad agency can give you a piece of the pie if you work your way up! Technology is rapidly evolving and new companies going to market every day.

Nine, Taking clients out – Sales in digital advertising is a lot of schmoozing, lunches, events, and parties. Sure, there are endless email and phone call solicits but the huge deals are closed by getting personable with your client and earning their trust. It’s great to get out there and work in a very social environment

Ten is on you, the reader! Comment below and give us a top reason to work at a digital advertising agency.