Best Company Office Environments: AppNexus

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AppNexus is an online advertising marketplace which allows advertisers and publishers to buy and sell inventory with the usage of real time bidding technology. AppNexus is a central piece of the digital advertising landscape and have a company culture that encompasses the innovation that the industry encompasses. One trip to the AppNexus office and you will understand how much they care about their employees well being.

Here are the best features of the AppNexus offices:

1. Full Size Basketball Court:


  • AppNexus has recently added a full size basketball court in their newly added second floor at their New York City headquarters. This addition will allow employees to relieve stress during their hectic, number crunching, mouse clicking work days. This may be a huge opportunity to sponsor client and competitor focused games and tournaments to generate buzz around the industry.

2. 50 Cent’s Bathroom:


  • 50 cent used to have his recording studio in the space that AppNexus has taken over. CEO Brian O’ Kelly has immortalized the upscale bathroom that 50 cent built by leaving it untouched. The bathroom has 50 cents favorite quotes on the wall, a full shower and mirrors along the perimeter. AppNexus is the only company who can say that they have 50 cents bathroom, in their office.


3. Full Sized Kitchen

Nobody likes paying for lunch, coffee or snacks during their work day. AppNexus has perfected their kitchen setting to make it a social hub for idea sharing a place for employees to enjoy the company that they are dedicating their careers to. The huge kitchen includes bagels with cream cheese, butter and james for breakfast, assorted artisan coffees and teas, baby bell cheese, seltzers, sodas, fruits and other high quality snacks to keep the employees at the top of their game.

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