AppNexus: Programmatic Ad Exchange

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What is AppNexus?

What is AppNexus?

AppNexus is an advertising technology company in NYC that built a platform for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell their online display inventory in real time which is known as as Real-Time Bidding.  AppNexus also provides data management, optimization tools, granular reporting for all aspects of media buying and top notch console report with streaming updates. The founder of Appnexus, Brian O’Kelley was the ex CTO of Right Media exchange, but he left to form his own company when he realized that the technology of RMX was going to be outdated in the upcoming years and left to form his own vision of a Real Time Bidding platform. The statistics are undeniable and show the massive scale that AppNexus is subjected to every day. As of 2013 AppNexus on average processes 16 billion media buys on thousands of publishers and advertisers on a daily basis. AppNexus is fully compatible with  third party advertising  demand platforms including  DoubleClick by Google, Microsoft’s AdECN, and other demand exaggerators.

AppNexus tools Include:

  • Ad Compliance
  • Ad Verification
  • Contextual Data
  • Custom Creatives
  • Video
  • Client Developed Platform Tools
  • User Data
  • Data Visualization and Analytics

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