Online Advertising Internship, What is it like?

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What is an Online Advertising Internship Like?

Want to know what an Online Advertising Internship is like? Last summer, I was a marketing intern for a private online advertising and global marketing company. This was the first professional environment I was employed in. I was required to create specialized business documents such as profit reports, weekly trend analysis and instructional memos for future employees.  I had to always remain sharp to make sure my work was flawless as it was delivered to upper level management for analysis.

Daily tasks in Online advertising

On a daily basis, I was heavily involved in analyzing the trends in revenue, profit margins, budget and other marketing metrics. I used the program Microsoft Excel to create reports for management. With no previous experience using Microsoft Excel, it became apparent to me that the program was a powerful tool to report marketing information and performance metrics.

what is an online advertising internship like?

Every day I extracted numbers from the internal reporting systems of the company into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. There were thousands of accounts for each spreadsheet. To improve efficiency in the organization, I narrowed down and presented only the most relevant data in each report.

This weekly process taught me the necessity to highlight important information and present it in a way that executives could interpret quickly, and easily understand. Making the reports accurate, timely, and most importantly, comprehensible became my primary responsibility during my internship.

Every company has a variety of employees with diverse personalities and expectations. I received feedback every week after submitting reports and quickly learned how to format the different reports in a specific way to accommodate each recipient’s personal style.

Where to find an Internship in Online Advertising

There are many resources you can browse to find that first job in digital marketing. Here are a few places you can start your search. Remember to always have your resume up to date and use any personal connections you may have.

What I learned from an Online Advertising Internship

What I have gathered from my online advertising internship experience is that to be taken seriously in today’s competitive workplace environment, one must tailor every email, report, and document so that it delivers a relevant and effective message to its recipient. A

s a new hire in a work environment, I was subjected to a set number of tasks and assignments each day. These tasks served as performance benchmarks to see how I may perform at more complex assignments. Overall the internship was a great success and gave me a foot in the door in the marketing and advertising industry.

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