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The digital ad space is very intricate and interlinked. Take one look at the Lumascape and you can imagine why:

great websites for digital media news lumascape

If an industry professional tells you that they understand exactly how the LumaScape works, they are either a genius or lying and trying to impress you. Either way, it is important to understand what each segment of the lumascape means and over time you will understand it more completely and how it relates to your role and the company that you work for. The best way to learn about the industry is reading from the many credible sources. I try to at least read one or two articles from each of these sites per day:

Here are the top websites for digital media news









Adexchanger This is a great industry specific site for all things digital media. It is on the technical side of the spectrum and you may not understand all the language at first. But it will expand your digital vocabulary after reading it consistently for a few weeks. It is a great site to see what is on the horizon in the industry and understand the many strategies companies are using to gain an edge in the field.




Adage Advertising Age is a more general Industry publication that i find easier to follow along. It has a wide variety of articles about advertising in general with a section dedicated to digital media. This site has been around since 1994 and has been serving           audiences with   rich content ever since.






IAB The Interactive Advertising Bureau is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the online advertising space. They host a wide range of industry resources that include standard banner sizes, guidelines and best practices, public policies and industry research resources. The IAB brand is strong within the industry and information coming from them can be trusted. Take a look at these sites, I guarentee you will learn something new about digital media each and every day

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