Online Advertising Cover Letter Example

Online Advertising Cover Letter

So you Want to Join an Online Advertising Agency?

Digital Media is is a growth industry that many young professionals want to start a career path in. The industry is young, lucrative and there are many benefits to work in a digital advertising agency. With a huge influx of resumes to ad agencies by many qualified individuals it is essential to compose a pristine cover letter that stands out from the rest of the applicants in order to have the best shot of an interview. Below you will find an example of a solid example that touches upon the intern experience of the applicant. It can be used as a template for a real cover letter.

Online Advertising Cover Letter Example

Dear Ms. Zwotny:

I have been following the online advertising industry over the last three years and I am impressed the exponential growth of OpenX. The recent addition of a new online advertising server; Adroit, has proven to be a successful investment for your company and I am particularly intrigued with OpenX ability to utilize a powerful and revolutionary piece of technology. As a junior marketing and supply chain dual major at Syracuse University I am highly interested in being an Intern for OpenX this summer as I am sure I will provide fresh ideas and over value to an already successful online advertising company.

Throughout my career I have held a variety of jobs that poised me to be successful in professional work environments. These experiences highlighted on my resume. This past summer I worked at Company as an intern in the Publisher Development group. Company works directly with OpenX, which gave the opportunity to personally manage OpenX advertising campaigns. When I worked in the Publisher Development department my daily responsibility included creating custom reports to analyze daily trends in global revenue, profit, impressions all tied to online advertising metrics such as CPM, CPC or CPA. These Reports were then prepared and sent to the publishing developer managers along with a copy to senior management. On a weekly basis reports were compiled for Executive level meetings to show trends and performance in the Company network. Other responsibilities included assisting account managers, website research, quality assurance, data analysis and participation in a 6 week Publisher Development management training program. My boss, the EVP of Publisher development has highly recommended me for anyone who needs a highly motivated and talented individual particularly for online advertising. I am confident that he skill set I developed at Company translates directly into what would be required by an employee of OpenX.

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