Tips to Maximize Revenue from your Ad Network

Tips to Maximize Revenue from your Ad Network

How to extract Maximum Value from an Ad Network

Working  and communicating with an ad network effectively can produce valuable revenue and help you grow and expand your business beyond your wildest dreams. programmatic ad networks have a large amount of resources and demand partners that can be turned on and off for on your inventory at any given time.

As a publisher you should take the time to research and understand the ad network you are working with, their product offering, average CPM’s and the overall value offering they can provide you. Here are some ad network tips and tricks to make the most from the ad network you are working with.

Ad Network Tips #1 – Set clear expectations for ad quality

Ad networks have vast sources of demand of varying qualities. As a publisher you probably only want advertisements to display that are relevant and brand safe for your site. Knowledge is power and understanding programmatic is key when facing the ad quality dilemma. Programmatic networks utilize technology that give the impression to the highest bidder that is allowed to bid on the inventory.

What this means for example, is a download offer that you might not want your user to experience may be displayed if that offer submits a higher bid then a brand safe offers. These auctions take place in real time but an ad network can turn on and off toggles to tailor a bidding ecosystem to your needs. Before going live with a campaign from an ad network send them a list of advertisers, brands, urls and categories that you do not want displayed on your site.

Ad Network Tips #2 Break out your ad inventory as granular as possible


Optimization is a powerful, but misleading word at times. Ad networks claim that they will optimize the CPM on their back to yield you the most amount of revenue possible, but it is essential for you to understand that many ad networks are concerned with getting  as many publishers as possible on boarded to their platform and often at times optimize to a certain point, then let the campaign run on auto pilot as they are happy with the margin they are making.

When you start selling your impressions to an Ad Network, request that they test out fixed CPM rates for all of your top performing geos and sizes. Understand the value of your ad inventory and only test out at rates that make it worthwhile to start with a new partner. Some ad networks pay really high CPM’s for obscure GEO’s as they have high paying CPA campaigns and demand partners who are looking to buy in high volume.

Ad Network Tips #3 Communicate on a regular basis with your account manager, forge a strong relationship!

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Communication is key when dealing with an ad network. Many top ad networks have hundreds or even thousands of publishers and an account manager can be managing over a hundred websites ad inventory. It’s hard to tell sometimes how dedicated your account manager is to you so take note of their response time, the amount of times they are pitching you on new products, and if your CPM’s are increasing on a regular basis.

Did they take time to give you a quarterly business review? Do they call you on the phone to check in and understand your business? It is key to understand the role of your account manager and build a relationship that is beneficial and profitable for both parties. Let your account manager know when you expect traffic spikes and how they can provide more value for your website. If the relationship functions like a well oiled machine, results are sure to follow.

These ad network tips will help you build a strong revenue stream from your ad network.

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