How to Set Up Shipping Costs Based on Shipping Table Rates in Magento 2

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Delivery of goods is the final stage of order processing, but a very responsible one. Sometimes, how in-store delivery is organized says more about your business than anything else. It’s essential to consider all the details to ensure quick delivery with cost-effective rates for you and your customers. Seller experiences indicate that offering more delivery options increases buyer satisfaction. Keep these factors in mind when setting up delivery methods in Magento.

Using Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates allows you to finely tune shipping rates, considering data like shopping cart attributes and delivery address. The module’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to grasp the settings quickly.

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Initially, set up the delivery choices in Magento by entering the required information, such as Country, Region, ZIP Code, City, and Street.

For accurate tax and shipping cost calculations in Magento based on the shipping location, it is very important to configure these settings. Unfortunately, the workflow, which includes edits and cancellations, may involve changing the delivery address or price even at the stage of placing the delivery order.

Magento has some limitations in this regard. You won’t be able to change much without canceling the order.

When altering the shipping address, remember to also update the shipping method and price. These adjustments are related to tax rates, which can vary between cities and states. Therefore, modifying your tax rates becomes necessary.

Doing all of this takes a lot of time, especially with many orders. Additionally, for each product type, you must indicate the delivery method and price. When selecting your default delivery methods, exercise caution to ensure that the chosen method aligns with your goals and requirements.

Three main Magento delivery methods

  1. Fixed cost of delivery. This method applies the same price to all goods, which does not depend on size, quantity, weight, or destination. If you have a small business and a few products, then this method may suit you. It is in Magento by default.
  2. Tabular method of delivery. The delivery cost is calculated according to the following parameters: destination, weight, and order cost. This is a more flexible method than the previous one. It has more potential to customize your business. This delivery method must be turned on manually.
  3. Free shipping. Free shipping is an option in Magento that you can offer based on specific criteria, such as purchase price or customer category. Manual configuration is necessary for this setting.

We recommend providing customers with various delivery options, not just one, as having choices significantly improves the customer experience. You may have encountered situations where a customer proceeded to order but couldn’t find a suitable delivery method, leading to order cancellation. To prevent such scenarios, ensure customers have options. Additionally, set reasonable market prices for shipping.

Ensure that neither customer overpays for shipping; in this case, you can undermine their trust or even lose some customers.

 Also, ensure that the shipping prices are not too low so your business does not suffer.

So, how do you set up Table Rates in Magento 2?

  • At Magento, delivery rates are calculated, considering the destination, weight, and quantity of goods.
  • You can also include virtual goods in the calculation.
  • Specify the delivery method in the settings. If necessary, you can display an error message.
  • Select the countries to which you will deliver.
  • If your store charges a handling fee, charge it as a flat rate or a percentage.
  • Prepare the rate table in CVS format and import it to the back office.

You can easily find more detailed instructions on the Internet.

Understanding how time-consuming a process all these manual settings are, you’ll want to simplify your workflow with the help of a handy tool. We offer you a module that you will like.

Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates by Mirasvit is a module that more flexibly customizes your shipping rate settings. Automatic shipping cost calculations will also save you a lot of time. It is only necessary to set the conditions, and the delivery cost will be calculated automatically.

Key functionality Magento 2 Shipping Table Rates by Mirasvit:

  • Set as many rules as you need: you can cover all shipping addresses with an individual rate.
  • Flexibly edit the shipping cost depending on the region of your customers. Also, each delivery method can have several tariffs.
  • With the help of the module, you will accurately determine the location of your customers, which will help you calculate delivery rates more accurately.
  • Use zip codes to cover multiple locations with one shipping rate.
  • Adjust rates in a CSV file outside the store’s admin panel. Also, import the table if you need to reset the shipping rates in the store.
  • You can specify as many shipping methods as you need.