Marketing Trends in 2024: The Future of Advertising and the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

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The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and 2024 promises to be a year full of significant transformations. To guide us through the trends that are shaping this near future, we sought a professional look at the topic and spoke with the marketing expert, Ednelson Teresa, who shared his insight into what we can expect in the coming months.

To begin with, I would like to know from your perspective what the last decade has been like for advertising?

Ednelson: It’s interesting to analyze a little more, going back to the early 2000s, when television advertising was at its peak. The more creative the campaigns, the more attention they gained. At that time, famous slogans emerged, such as “Got Milk?”, “Breakfast of Champions”, “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard”, among others. However, it was an era accessible to few, if they wanted to reach a national audience, companies needed to have large budgets for TV, with exorbitant amounts for broadcasting, especially during prime times or during football games. If he did not have the funds, the advertiser was forced to stay in regional media, such as printed newspapers or local radio stations. The difference between budgets for local and national advertising was significant – comments Ednelson.

In 2010, the internet gained strength, broadband began to be present in most homes, and the distance that national advertising required became just a click away when targeting a campaign. However, this brought a flood of new information, and most professionals didn’t know how to deal with all this data. About three years ago, Ednelson recalls that he already stated that the real treasure was in user data and the ability to segment and analyze this information.

Ednelson highlights that now, with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a revolution is taking place in data analysis and decision-making in marketing. With the ability to process and analyze large volumes of data in real time, AI offers valuable insights that guide strategic decisions. This allows for a more data-driven and less assumption-based approach.

We talk about the last two decades, can you predict the next decade?

Ednelson: Talking about predictions for a decade today is already impossible. It’s not possible to predict that far ahead, but in the medium and short term I would say that companies need to be prepared for personalization at scale: An individualized experience for each consumer. Ednelson Teresa highlights that personalization at scale will be one of the main trends in 2024. Consumers are looking for personalized experiences. Brands that can deliver individually tailored content and interactions will have a significant competitive advantage. This trend involves the use of advanced technologies, such as predictive data analysis and machine learning, to better understand consumer behavior and deliver more relevant messages.

What about creating content with AI?

Ednelson comments on the impact of content generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is taking an increasingly active role in content creation. We will see algorithms not only analyzing data, but also generating text, images and even videos autonomously. This change represents a revolution in the efficiency of content production, although it raises questions about how to maintain the authenticity of machine-generated messages. Ednelson points to the growth of interactive video as a notable trend. “Consumers are seeking interactive experiences. Videos that allow the viewer to actively participate will create deeper engagement. While there are currently still many technical limitations to producing this type of material, this form of content not only captivates attention but also engages the audience in ways that traditional videos cannot.

I saw a podcast you participated in and you talked about Influencer Marketing 3.0, could you explain a little more about that?

Ednelson: Beyond celebrities to authentic connections, influencer marketing 3.0 is a significant evolution. It’s not just about celebrities anymore. We are entering an era where brands seek authentic partnerships with micro-influencers, experts and even their own customers. This represents a shift towards more authentic connections, where identification with the audience is more crucial than mass reach.

Ednelson Teresa emphasizes the full integration of AI as a trend that defines the marketing landscape in 2024. “AI is no longer an additional tool; it is at the center of operations. Brands that know how to fully exploit the potential of AI will have a significant strategic advantage.” This tight integration offers opportunities for advanced automation, real-time data analysis, and extreme customization, but it also presents challenges in terms of understanding technology and ethics.

Many marketers feel threatened by AI, what is your view on this point?

Human insight and sensitivity can be the distinguishing difference between companies. While it is a fact that many transformations are taking place, automation for creating ads, texts, images and even SEO strategies primarily serves to free up marketers, allowing them to focus on interpreting results and developing strategies. more accurate and efficient. What has changed is that professionals who are merely “button pushers” are being left behind; Now, it is imperative to have experts capable of charting the right routes. This change is similar to the revolution caused by airplanes in the way we travel: despite all the technology involved, it is essential to have a qualified pilot to guide the way.

Marketing trends in 2024 point to a dynamic and innovative environment. Ednelson Teresa highlights that for brands to thrive in this evolving landscape, it will be essential to embrace change, invest in emerging technologies and, above all, stay focused on creating authentic connections with consumers. The message is clear: adaptability will be the key to marketing success in 2024. Follow Ednelson Teresa on LinkedIn.