Boosting Efficiency:  The Imperative of Automation in Mobile CI/CD Pipelines

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The digital landscape is witnessing a pronounced shift, with 83% of developers delivering code faster than in 2021.  It is evident that mobile Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is a catalyst that curtails manual intervention and propels new code into production.

Many companies are transitioning towards embracing CI/CD practices, with 24% of DevOps processes being fully automated, a marked rise from 8% in 2020.  Despite this trend, mobile app developers have not fully leveraged the potency of CI/CD.

The ever-growing global mobile user base of around 7.33 billion and the immense download of over 255 billion mobile apps in 2022 underscores the urgent need for automated mobile CI/CD pipelines.  This urgency is further amplified by the 60% of developers affirming a faster transition of code into production than before.

Complications such as labor shortages, emerging security threats, and escalating operational costs pose significant challenges to mobile app development.  Coupled with unforgiving customer expectations, this heightens the stakes.  However, 35% of developers have fully adopted CI/CD pipelines, witnessing multiple advantages such as early bug detection, faster release times, and seamless user experiences.

With the mobile ecosystem in constant flux, leveraging mobile CI/CD is pivotal to keep pace and ensure quality.  It is time for developers to tap into the full potential of CI/CD, for the need for speed rivals the need for confidence.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline