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If you are one of the website owners who struggle to make their website flourish, SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker is at your service. This is an original rank tracking tool designed for advanced SERP checking and keyword analysis. Besides, SEO PowerSuite charges the cheapest prices for its services compared to other reviewed rank trackers. Why do SEO professionals place this service so high? Read our full review of SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker and get a complete notion of this tracker tool. 

Brief SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker Overview

Speaking of search engine optimization, a multilateral approach is vital – you will need a good choice of high-quality SEO tools. As you delve into the abysmal number of marketing tasks, you will immediately realize the necessity of multi-faceted tools. 

There is a vast range of apps for rank tracking that offer competitively viable tools for SEO activity, still, they often lack functionality and offer limited features. SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker sharply stands out from the rest of reviewed services thanks to a fine set of features, their unblemished performance, and pretty low prices. 

The company offers 4 primary tools: LinkAssistant, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and Rank Tracker. These tools are versatile and work in a bundle that will make your SEO performance as efficient as never before. So, let’s focus on the Rank Tracker review. 

What is Rank Tracker? 

It is a software that has an extensive choice of rank tracking features. This tool allows you to trace the ranking of your website pages for specific keywords. Here you can find a SERP checker, keyword research tool, useful insights, and opportunities to review competitor’s progress. With Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite, you can track different websites on all major search engines. Currently, it contains 597 search engines demanded at the moment of writing this review. 

What you will like in Rank Tracker for sure is the customizability of the service. All features are absolutely convenient to use and easily adjusted to your needs. Need to find keywords? No problem – Rank Tracker will wrap it up. The service will review the websites of your niche and come up with an impressive keyword list. Want to track your keyword positions? Rank Tracker will check a limitless number of keywords on their positions, visibility, interrogation frequency, and even pricing if we speak of Google Ads.  Want to spy on your competitors? Consider it done. Within a few seconds, you will receive full stats of your competitors reviewed including keywords they target. 

What are the Rank Tracker features that are so beloved by SEO agencies? Let’s learn more about them in our review. 

Rank Tracker Features – Everything You Need for Advanced SEO Tracking 

First of all, Rank Tracker serves for checking keyword positions and their productivity. The rank tracking feature is intuitive and brings about tons of insights.This software operates with 597 search engines and offers multiple filtering options that will help you customize your working space as you like. It will display results only from specific sources you wanted to review so that you won’t get confused. 

Compared to other tools for keyword research, Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite looks superior. It has an extensive choice of research methods with 23 options coupled with detailed review data from multiple sources. The research methods used by Rank Tracker include:

  • Keyword Gap that reveals  the gap between  your keyword list and keywords used by your competitors. 
  • Search Console and Google Analytics can be integrated to collect organic keywords from these Google sources .
  • Keyword Planner gathers keywords from various tools and reviews new keyword ideas. 
  • Autocomplete Tools serve for generating new keyword ideas with the use of autocomplete suggestions from popular search engines and online services. 
  • Related Searches create suggestions for additional topics to cover  that will help your pages rank up on SERP listings among other results.
  • Related Questions generate multiple combinations of questions that people might look up in search engines. 
  • TF-IDF Explorer reviews top-ranking competitors for the most productive and frequently used keywords. 
  • Keyword Combinations serve to combine words and phrases and generate misspelled words as well.
  • Keyword Sandbox is a module collecting  all the discovered keywords with complete information about them – monthly search volumes, the estimated number of visits, the competitiveness of words, and keyword difficulty. 

Let’s review them in more detail. 

Keyword Research

With the help of Keyword Research, you can easily check keywords for ranking and review a complete analysis of the most frequent words used by your competitors. At the output, you will be a  happy owner of keyword data for hundreds or even thousands of keywords the domain ranks for. 

Keyword Gap

Besides being an advanced keyword finder, Rank Tracker serves for in-depth competitor keyword analysis. With the help of the tool, you can fill the  keyword gaps  with your competitor’s best words and phrases. Note that the number of competitors you can review depends directly on your subscription plan. In case you are a Professional plan subscriber, you are free to compare websites of up to 5 competitors in the same project. So, you can learn from your competitor’s success and make your website rank high with this information used as intended. 

Search Console

If you need to review  the results brought by all your keywords placed on one page, Search Console is at your service. Here you will find the number of clicks coming  from organic search, click-through rate, target pages, and even impressions. Rank Tracker will show the most accurate keyword data once you give your Google Analytics and Search Console credentials.

TF-IDF Explorer 

This is another super-cool rank tracking feature that performs a comprehensive review of your competitor’s results where you can find useful information for your marketing campaign. Here you will see monthly keyword searches, competition level, cost-per-click, and keyword difficulty. Depending on your SEO strategies, industry, and website topics, you can review your marketing campaign and correct it accordingly. 

Keyword Planner

In addition to  the native Google keyword planner performance, Rank Tracker offers a Keyword Planner. It is used for in-depth keyword research covering such crucial points as the number of monthly searches, estimated visits, keyword difficulty, and competition level as well. Expected visits reflect the amount of organic traffic your website will receive as soon as it gets a top ranking for a keyword. With this information, you can forecast your success and adjust your strategy to the most effective keywords. 

Competitor Research 

It is very important to learn from your competitors. By reviewing how they do things and comparing their results against yours, you can make your website grow popular and lucrative. Currently, Rank Tracker offers three main niches for you to spy on your competitors: 

  • Domain Competitors. This module reviews competitors that rank in Google for the same keywords as your target domain. 
  • Topic Competitors. This feature is designed for discovering the niche competitors you might want to review. All you need is to specify your topic keywords for the SERP tracker to start searching. 
  • Top Pages. This section performs local search gathering domain pages that are found for the specified region and targeting settings. 

Domain Strength 

Here you can see the estimated SEO value of your website with 0 as the lowest value and 10 as the highest one. This parameter depends on specific SEO factors, reviewed by the tool, such as content quality, social signs, link quality, and even domain age. By studying the domain strength, you can monitor the shifts of your marketing campaign and influence the dynamics of your SEO strength. Among the domain strength aspects you can study with Rank Tracker, there are:

  • Indexing in search engines
  • Backlinks, linking domains, IPs, C-Blocks
  • Social Media Popularity
  • Traffic to website. 


This section contains a collection of detailed reports distributed by the tools used during SEO performance. Here you can find default templates with comprehensive SEO analysis history. Each report is divided into the following subtopics : 

  • Keyword ranking and visibility 
  • Competition ranking (groups by search engines)
  • Keyword ranking 
  • Rank history 
  • Keyword clusters (groups by keywords) 
  • Organic website traffic  
  • Keyword research 
  • Domain strength 

Besides, you can share these reviews with your clients – each report contains a white-label feature to add a title, logo, and other information about the company.