Remote Work Is Taking Over

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Work is changing and jobs of the future are looking different from what we’ve ever seen before. Many are turning to remote work over their traditional jobs for the plethora of benefits that it brings to the table. The flexibility that remote work allows is drawing people in. Over 60% would switch jobs for the opportunity to work from home and over 90% are happier with more flexible hours and the option to work remotely.

This future of work will have a much larger emphasis on employees and their wellness as well as creating a more healthy company culture. Work will be based more on collaboration and teams, creating less of a hierarchy and allowing different groups to work together much more effectively. Workspaces themselves will also be designed more for the employees. Things such as nap rooms or pet days may sound near ridiculous to us now, but they can allow employees to work happier, healthier,  and more effectively than traditional work environments currently allow. Current workplaces will need to implement these new ideas to stay ahead of their competition.
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