How to Edit a PDF Online: File Size Reduction and Other Tips

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Now almost all work with documents is performed online. In particular, all kinds of contracts, agreements, and other documents are drawn up in electronic form. Accordingly, users need up-to-date tools for working with these documents. For example, you may need a special PDF splitter, which allows you to quickly and easily solve various tasks. In general, the PDF format can now safely be called one of the most popular formats. Many users want to learn how to complete more tasks with this format, in particular – write on PDF online, as well as edit the size of files and reduce it without too many problems and worries. These and many other tasks can easily be performed with the help of special software. If you understand the peculiarities of working with files, your possibilities and capabilities will increase significantly.

How to Compress a PDF: Practical Recommendations

To date, creating documents in PDF format is very popular. And here’re some reasons why it is so:

  • is a versatile format that is easy to save and then it can be opened on any type of device that runs on any operating system;
  • there are usually no problems with editing documents either;
  • documents in this format can be digitally signed and then transmitted to customers or partners.

In general, the advantages of working with PDF files are not difficult to be estimated. In fact, they erase any boundaries because they allow you to transfer information without difficulty.

However, sometimes it happens that the volume of a document is too large. This can cause complications in some situations. In this case, it makes sense to merge PDF documents. As experience shows, there is nothing complex about reducing the size of a document. There are several ways, among which, if you want, you can choose the most comfortable option for you. According to users, the easiest way is simply to try and save the file again. In this case, you don’t even need to perform an additional conversion to another format.

Sometimes it helps. There are some other methods as well. For example, users occasionally prefer to convert PDF to Word. This can be done in almost any document editor that supports the PDF format. After that, you can once again try to re-save the document in the text format. This is also a fairly good option. In addition, there are special applications and online tools that provide users with the ability to combine PDFs. There are paid and free elements, so picking the right one will not be difficult. It all depends on the exact set of options you need.

Guidance for Selecting a PDF Software Editor

When we see all the variety and diversity of software products that support the PDF format, it can be difficult to find a convenient option. It is best to give preference to applications with a large number of options. For example, the PDFplatform has acquired a dedicated application.

This is the multifunctional software that can be used to work with documents of absolutely any format and for absolutely any purpose, be it business, personal, or any other. On the whole, it is aimed at automating the electronic document flow. Here you can edit documents, create new files, share them with colleagues and partners, and arrange the document management in an appropriate way. There are really a lot of options. It is possible to synchronise with many third-party platforms and applications and transfer files to cloud storage. The developers even provide users the possibility to create a digital signature and sign documents online. This is very convenient when making deals.