How to improve your SEO website in 2022-2023

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Search engine algorithms work through the use of crawlers as well as various other bots to sort through, categorize, and index all online content in order to better orient users to the answer(s) they are after when perusing the internet. With the online field continuously growing and taking up more and more space, not having an online presence is now out of the question for most businesses, including SEO for lawyers.   

  • the basics of how the internet works and attracts traffic to different websites 
  • if you’re online you want visibility 
  • if you want visibility nowadays you have to be at the top of search engines for people to see you 
  • if people cannot see you if you have no traffic to you’re website there is no point to you being online it’s a waste of your money 
  • the online space is competitive you need to study yourself and your competitors to effectively tailor your SEO and beat them out, what are they doing better than you? Why are some perceived better than you? Strive to understand them to beat them out 
  • SEO is always a valuable and necessary investment 
  • There are various ways to go about improving your SEO
  • THESIS: However the essentials/basis for an effective strategy is having an optimized website as well as an effective formatted/coded website  

In this saturated space, everybody wants to be seen and competition is tough, obtaining visibility will require a near-perfect understanding of your industry as well as the online space. Having your website not rank within the first position of search engine results translates to not fully exploiting your business’s online presence to its full capacity and thus, potentially missing out on a significant portion of your customer base. A website that cannot be seen by the algorithm’s bots crawling the web or internet users won’t generate or obtain much of any traffic. With most individuals not bothering to search past the first page of search engine results and only reading the first couple of results on said page, it’s easy to understand why the competition for that first position within the hierarchy is so important. Keeping up to date with your industry, business as well as competitors is a necessary step in setting up an effective SEO digital marketing strategy, with said strategy requiring a certain skill set and experience to implement. There are various approaches at your disposal when putting in place your ideal strategy however all effective SEO strategies are based around possessing a properly optimized as well as developed website. 

If your business does not rank within the first position of search engine results, you’re not exploiting your online presence to its full capacity and are potentially missing out on a significant portion of your customer base. If your website cannot be seen whether by the algorithm’s bot crawling the web or internet users no traffic will be directed towards your website,

With having an online presence taking more and more space, it’s now out of the question for most businesses to not have an online presence. 

Proper development for better visibility ⬅️ 

Although seemingly simple and relatively obvious, having a website that is properly developed by an SEO professional has a lot more important than most realize. Exploiting everything from metatags, to keywords and links properly, SEO professionals have the ability to look over and analyze your website’s code ensuring it promotes fast loading times ensuring the implementation of images as well as various other elements within your webpage are well managed. Moreover, as previously mentioned, it’s important to remember your site needs to be intelligible to the bots crawling and organizing the search engine algorithms, fail at this and your website won’t even be considered to show up as a solution to search engine result queries as bots will be incapable of deciphering or categorizing the information offered to them by your webpage. Poor code quality often leads to a poor performance either because said code becomes unmaintainable or outdated (in terms of framework and more) or rather because it’s not conducive to an enjoyable user experience automatically taxing your website

Optimize your website 🔝 

Once a clear goal is set —as optimizing a website for referencing won’t be the same as optimizing one to convert visitors to customers, a properly tailored SEO strategy will have a direct influence on your website’s ranking. Optimization will allow you to influence the components search algorithm bots will use to assess your website’s popularity among internet users. This is when producing high-quality content as well as high-quality linking or backlinking and more is extremely important. Thoroughly finding and researching the most effective keywords within your niche as well as understanding why and how their use is so effective will allow you to set yourself apart from competitors while bypassing them at the same time. 

Paragraph One: Optimize your website 

•    Produce high-quality content 

•    Optimize your site for mobile devices 

•    Encourage sharing on social media 

•    Get set up on Google Business 

•    content marketing use effective free content to sell yourself 

Paragraph Two: Structure your website properly / SEO is a technical skill 

•    Optimize your links 

•    Properly format your page 

•    Use keywords appropriately 

•    Create clean focused and optimized URLs 

•    Get your name out there 

Establish Your Brand

A well-optimized site makes for a well-established brand, ranking high organically signals you’re the user’s most popular choice, automatically boosting your credibility among potential customers. Furthermore, establishing through an online medium is the easiest way to create a compelling client list. 

✅   good position means you’re trustworthy as the ranking is organic so you’re the user’s choice i.e more credible 

✅   create a client list or customer base easily than with any other marketing method which tends to be more targeted 

To conclude, at its core, SEO has three objectives all of which are quantifiable: 

one, better visibility 

  1. two, increased traffic
  2. three, improved turnover rate 
  3. without proper implementation, your business’s chances of success within this field become nonexistent. 


  • can help you create a customer base 
  • get quantifiable results 
  • Seo is necessary without it you won’t be successful
  • If this is new to you putting it in the hands of people who know what they are talking about will be very helpful to you
  • Will lead to exponential traffic over time and you can use that to gage results 
  • This operation has a triple interdependent objective which is notably to give rise to Better visibility of your website; better traffic; and better turnover.