Hacks to Increase Brand Awareness

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Is brand awareness important? When a person associates a product with a specific brand, perfect brand awareness has been achieved. Most people refer to doing the hoovering, not the vacuum cleaning, or when using a search engine, they refer to ‘Googling it.’

What do people think of the brand?

If the brand has been established for some time, run a survey to find out what those people already using the product or service relate to in the brand. Is it positive or negative? If the latter, deal with the issues that are giving the negative feelings before you move on.

Brand campaigns are built, not born. In this modern age, it is important to understand the mind of the buyer and how they will get information to decide on their choice of supplier. Modern technologies can give us an insight into the customer’s mindset in some cases.

The Team

Assemble a team, the bigger, the better. More people equal more ideas. They are the thinkers, the doers, and the strategists. Assemble them as soon as possible. Getting the team in place will enable the creation of a strategy and start a campaign to highlight the brand.

Do you know who you are up against?

Know it, live it, and breathe it. If you don’t know the strengths of the other brands. Look at the other brands from the eye of the target audience; what would appeal to them? What would turn them off? What can your company do that is different, better, and satisfying?

Do you know you?

Ok, so you know all about the other brands, but do you know about your brand? What are your values, strengths, and weaknesses? Be assured other brands will be looking, like your company is looking at those competitors. Analyze the brand and be ready.

Use information technology

Text messaging can be a powerful tool to promote the brand. It has been proven to work for charity organizations and SMS for election campaigning.

Social media has, in the last ten years, progressed enormously. Thoughts, ideas, and information can be shared. It is a fantastic platform to use for boosting brand awareness. Advertising on these platforms can be expensive, so be careful and keep an eye on the budget.

Email campaigns can be a great tool, but be aware of the limits and rules in place when sending emails. Be a handy mail to keep, not just another spam mail.

What does the company website say about your company? Is it accessible, helpful, and can contact be made with the least fuss? How about the color scheme? What is that saying to your customers and potential customers. Put a blog on the site, and invite guest bloggers to be accessible. Are the pictures and infographics on the site informative, compelling, branded, and shareable? Having a great infographic with your company brand on it being shared across the internet is branding gold.

The brand is not just the logo. It is the look, the feel, and the emotions associated with the brand. When people think of your company, you want them to feel comfortable and reassured.