Unique Ways to Give Back as a Business / Company Wide Philanthropy Ideas

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Prominent businesses should involve themselves in the community give back and implement donation models into their business plans. This not only benefits communities and the environment but sets a standard for all companies to keep in touch with the world around them. Take some helpful tips from these business owners on implementing philanthropy into your daily operations.

Build relationships with local nonprofits, community spaces, and organizations that serve underprivileged populations. Nonprofit organizations thrive off their business partnerships and it’s a great way to align your company with your values. You can host community events like concerts or food fairs that raise money for a community cause, youth groups, or any charitable purpose you might want to support.

Small details go a long way. In your workplace, designate specific recyclable bins for waste. Certain areas have different laws around what recyclables can be accepted together and what needs to be separate. Make sure you are up to date with your local standards on waste management and recycling. Cutting corners here has a massive impact on the environment.

  • Jordan Duran, Founder 6 Ice

Encourage your team to recycle and use refillable water bottles when coming to the office. This can be easy by simply not providing paper cups that cause a lot of unnecessary waste. You could consider gifting water bottles to your entire company as an incentive to refill instead of using disposable ones.

  • Joe Thomas, CEO Loom

Work in a percentage of your profits to consistently be donated to a cause you care about. Companies are needing to involve themselves further in eco-friendly practices, so consider giving to organizations making innovations in sustainability. The more businesses can contribute to these causes the better chance we have of preserving our environment.

  • Hector Gutierrez, CEO JOI

Establish ongoing partnerships with activist organizations. It’s certainly important for a company’s image to give back, but it’s even more important to give support to causes that struggle to receive funding.

Consider partnering with organizations that connect young adults with work opportunities. This is a great way to establish your commitment to strengthening your community. You can also consider offering internships and work-study opportunities.

Host an employee volunteer day. This can be something simple like picking up trash at the beach or volunteering time to help a local business or community space. Taking time out of your business day to volunteer for a community cause goes a long way for your organization. It helps fortify relationships and makes your employees feel like they are doing something to give back as well.

Have a monthly donation pool in your office that everyone can donate to. Even if it’s just a few dollars here and there, having that ritual will help fortify the value of giving back to your company.

  • James Ville, Chief Product Officer GunSkins

Offer workshops and classes around the work your organization does. This is an awesome way to establish your presence and give opportunities to community members to engage with your company. If your business deals with technology or science in any capacity, this is a great way to offer free educational services to community members.

  • Shaun Price, Head of Customer Acquisition MitoQ

Consider offering mentorship programs for students entering college or trying to earn college credits. Many young people are trying to build up their work experience and if you can provide a fun learning experience for them, it will end up being a mutually beneficial experience. Your company also builds a reputation for service which is an extremely valued asset.

Use social media to your advantage to launch charity campaigns. You can reach so many people willing to donate to your cause, and it will help boost your social media traffic! Instagram is a great way to spread the word about a funding campaign because everything is so easily shareable. You can quickly access a whole network of influencers and individuals to share your cause.

Focus on making small contributions and committing to doing them regularly. Big, million-dollar donations are mostly for headlines, and unrealistic for most companies to keep up with. Make small donations often to make a continuous impact.

Identify the core values of your company and yourself as an individual. Arbitrarily donating to organizations that don’t mean anything to you lacks transparency and shows an unwillingness to recognize that there are causes worth contributing to. Take some time to research and make thoughtful decisions about the causes you donate to as a business.

  • Jeff Meeks, VP of Sales and Marketing Energy Fit

Hosting outdoor company fundraising events is a great way to get to know your employees, host a fun event and give back all at the same time. You could host a potluck food drive, for example, where everyone brings one item to eat and one item to donate.

  • Paul Gambill, CEO Nori

Involve your team in the decision-making process when it comes to the company giving back. If your company is considering offering volunteer hours, see what your employees would feel the best about doing. If you’re donating, make sure your team has some say as to where that donation is going. It’s important that your employees feel like their place of work represents their values when contributing to causes.