The Most Profitable Business Ideas for Gamers

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Gaming has become one of the most desired hobbies and careers among the younger generation. As a result, gamers worldwide are looking for more ways to make money off their passion in a world that increasingly revolves around games and other types of entertainment. For anyone looking to get a job in the gaming industry, here are some of the most profitable business ideas for gamers.

Join a pro League of Legends team.


If you are a fan of League of Legends, then you know how many pro esports teams this game has available for you to join. Joining an esports team can help you improve your gaming skills and expose your talents to a broader audience in addition to other gamers. Additionally, it’s important to know which are the best league champions for your playstyle.

  • Ashe (marksman, bot lane)—can help slow down attackers thanks to her auto attacks.
  • Annie (mage, mid-lane)—great for crowd controlling due to her stunning abilities.
  • Garen (fighter, top lane )—strong defense and damages.
  • Soraka (support, bot lane)—helper, protector, minimal damages.
  • Amumu (tank, jungler)—a lot of damage, ganking.
  • Master Yi (assassin, jungler)—quick kills, untargetable.

Coach other gamers.

Additionally, you can coach other new players and teammates to rank up in popularity and skills. If you have vast knowledge in League of Legends, then you can teach others the secret tips and tricks of the game so they can spread the word about you. This will also help you prepare yourself to challenge your enemy team because as your teammates learn, so will you.

Open a gaming cafe.


A gaming or esports cafe can be a dream come true for many gamers. Gaming cafes are like casinos for gamers, so they are to be treated with superb customer service and in-house food and drinks. Any gamer who wants to open a gaming cafe can seek franchise opportunities and partnerships with other gamers and sponsors from gaming or energy drinks brands, for example. In addition, your guests can play a late game of League of Legends, and you can even conduct competitions for fundraising events.

Develop games.

Another route you can take as a gamer is to develop your own games. You can also create games for other game-producing companies like Riot Games, Blizzard, or Vault. These companies are constantly looking for designers as the job demand is currently high in this field. Prepping yourself with a college degree in animation or even sound engineering is a great way to get noticed by these companies.

Write about gaming.


Additionally, if you have a good hand at writing about gaming topics, then maybe a career in gaming journalism could be the right path for you. You can even launch your own business of gaming journalism. Writing about gaming is also a great opportunity to discover other teams, techniques, gaming setup, and business opportunities.

Test video games.

Another business idea you can pursue is to test video games. You can do this as a contractor for other larger game development companies, or you can do it as a freelancer. You will be required to have your own console and spend a lot of time scrutinizing different games to find vulnerabilities, defects, or bugs.

Sell for a gaming company.


Lastly, you can become an ambassador for a gaming company. This can be a hardware company or one that develops gaming software. You will be exposed to new opportunities and clients that will help you rank up in networking, not just in-game.

Whichever idea you liked best, you can always develop a business model to better shape what you want to do and proceed to become the very best gamer you can be.