3 Tech Options for Your Next Big Career Change

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The excitement of getting a new job is hard to beat. You get to meet new people, face new challenges and maybe work in a job sector you hadn’t thought of entering before. However, this feeling for many can often be short-lived, as the people become tiresome and irritating, the challenges seem monotonous, and you are reminded about the pitfalls of working in a formal nine-to-five job.

So, if you want to switch it up a little, or even just give your brain something a little more ambitious to focus on, here are three career options you can choose for your next big career change.

#1 If you’re good with technology, cybersecurity might be worth taking a look at

Cybersecurity is a massively growing sector in the world of technology. Whether it’s working in IT support or doing something which requires a higher understanding and more experience in the industry, such as consultancy, there is something for the ambitious and the career-driven. There are plenty of job opportunities, and if you get the right qualifications, you could be earning a nice sum every payday after five consecutive years of working.

#2 If you’re good at coding, you might want to consider becoming a cloud engineer

Becoming a Google associate cloud engineer might be in closer reach than you thought. There are multiple courses available for you to do online to go alongside your current job to be completed to help you learn so you can go straight into applying for potential jobs, without the need to have coding experience or go back to college or university and drop out of work. This can be a great thing to invest in if you want a smooth transition into a different job with a high demand for jobs and a massively growing industry.

#3 If you’re good at business ideas, e-commerce might be a good thing to move onto

Whether it’s going into part-time work and running a side hustle, or you expect it to take off in a way in which you can solely work from home, e-commerce can be a great alternative to working for someone else. It is a gamble and isn’t for those that like an immediate change. Everything about starting an e-commerce business is a slow process – it can even take about a year to make it work so you can work a part-time job alongside this exciting new venture.

Final thoughts

You might be thinking about a career change. If you are thinking about aiming higher for something more ambitious (with a good paycheck and job better opportunities, of course) you might consider going into cybersecurity or cloud engineering, which are in exceptionally high demand. If you want something a bit different and gradual, you might instead consider opening an e-commerce business, to help support your hobbies or to just get you out of the tedious everyday nine to five. An exciting new career avenue awaits!