Woops! Xbox Has been Advertising the Wrong MLB The Show Box

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Today we look at an advertising fail by our friends over at Xbox. When a big company spends money on a huge advertisng campaign and makes a critical error, we sometimes sit and scratch our heads and just ask “why?” Mistakes do happen and people should be forgiven no matter how embaressing it looks. Let’s have a good laugh today at this one.

According to Mediaradar, Xbox spends under $100 million in advertising across digital and national TV. They also are big online spenders especially on premium ad units. With such a crowded market for new AAA titles releasing, it’s really important for advertising to be launched effectively across multiple channels. Especially the channel that the buyer will play the game on.

MLB The Show Advertisent Promoted by Xbox

MLB The Show 21 is Releasing on Xbox One and Series X|S on This Date

Let’s first rewind to the past. Last week, a redditor by the name of DZack007, noticed that Xbox was promoting MLB the show with a completey different image in the Xbox store then to what they were posting online. Well, the image was actually from R.B.U Baseball 21, a completely different game!

There was the huge announcement by Sony that MLB The Show 21 would be releasing on Xbox one and X|S and the image below spread across the internet like wild fire. Hype has been building for this long awaited title which will enable cross-play on several consoles.

What is Actually Looks like on Xbox (causing confusion)

As you can see, MLB The Show 21 was confused by Xbox and they used the box art from R.B.I Baseball 21 instead. Talk about free advertising for R.B.I Baseball 21. I guess someone at the Xbox marketing department will have some explaining to do in the next team meeting.

If you notice any other companies failing at their advertising, please do let our team know!