5 Top Tips For Google Analytics in 2021

5 Top Tips For Google Analytics in 2021

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool and one that can greatly benefit website owners. Here are some top tips for making the most of it.

Measure the Engagement Level of the Google Page From Both Mobile and Desktop Users

Lately, there has been a great upsurge in the number of users navigating through the internet using mobile phones and smartphones devices. This is a development that has pushed mobile phone manufacturers to provide the best of mobile-friendliness and user experience to the users.

In equal measure, desktop users are an important part of your target audience and should be closely monitored also. You should be using Google Analytics to provide analysis for both mobile and desktop internet traffic to your page.

This section of Google Analytics provides you with quite useful data such as the number of new users, the length of their sessions and the conversions rates.

Increase your organic search performance

It is our top priority to have a high rank in the SERP which is not an easy task because Google algorithm is quite dynamic and is constantly changing. That said, we can use GA to source information that could help us in our organic searches.

But how do we perform this task? By using the options consult on the tool we can establish the searches that direct more traffic to us. Here, you will have to link your Search Console Account to get this data: acquisition > Search Console > Consults.

You will also have to study impressions, CTRs and our rank/position in the search to enable you to identify the poorly positioned keywords and direct you how to put effort for their optimization.

Study New and Potential Markets for Your Business

Discovering and analyzing new and potential markets for your goods and services is often a good and a new way to use Google Analytics.

This option is important because it helps you see the number of visitors and the conversation rates of the visitors from one geographical location to another. This information is important in enabling you to determine where to direct your efforts to expand ranking, traffic and sales for your business

Study the Search Questions on the Site

Find out the questions posed by your visitors to your site to understand what they are looking for when they visit your site from the search bar. This is an analysis that will also assist you to gauge the number of visitors making a specific search.

You will have to improve navigation to your site to give users a good idea of the location of different categories in your website once you determine that a great number of people are using the bar. At that point, you can try behaviour > site search > search terms.

Remarketing with Google Adwords

Another good tip is synchronizing your Google Analytics and your Google Adwords account such that your campaigns are configured with your conversion targets.

This is an option that will enable you to campaign to the users who visit your site and who do not complete the intended action.

Upon deactivating Reports for Demographics and Interest, you will be able to get more detailed data of the users visiting your site including their age, gender among other metrics and it is data that will enable you to focus more on how to target your market segment better.