Reasons To Use Google Analytics (A Powerful Product)

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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an online tool that allows you to monitor how visitors interact with your website. It doesn’t cost anything and can prove invaluable when deploying search engine optimization campaigns. With Google Analytics, you can track and analyze the performance of each targeted keyword, allowing you to make tweaks to improve your live campaigns. From the dashboard, you can see which keywords brought the most traffic to your website and obtain important metrics about the behavior of your site’s visitors. It opens up a world of new information.

Here are some of the key benefits of Google Analytics for SEO campaigns:

Zero cost.

While Google Analytics is free, it still provides the same features, functions, and data as tools that cost hundreds of dollars a year to access.

Offers the ability to discover how visitors find your website.

You will be able to see which keywords visitors to your website search for online to arrive at your URL. Insight into the organic keywords used to locate your site can help you to develop more optimized SEO strategies and provide inspiration for additional niches and longtail keywords to target.

Allows you to find out which pages and links on your website visitors are most engaged with.

This data set will help you to optimize search engine marketing campaigns by directing traffic to identified pages.

Differentiate traffic into new and returning visitors.

Other visitor metrics available for analysis include location and referring sources. This data can help you to see how effective your SEO campaigns are at reaching new audiences, particularly when you’re targeting a difficult keyword like – MRI scan.

A Google Analytics report will identify all pages with low conversion rates allowing you to know which areas of your website you need to update and improve.

Knowing where to target investment in your website is valuable insight and can help you grow at a faster rate. For example, perhaps your site’s homepage has a high bounce rate, but with a few tweaks, you can improve your website page speed and make it as highly converting as one of the subpages or blog posts.