5 Lesser-Known Tools to Help Digital Marketers Working Remotely

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Marketing and outreach have grown significantly in the past decade, from how easy it has become to cultivate an online audience to the number of fields and specializations that can be found within the industry. And fortunately, there is plenty of software to help digital marketers, especially those who work remotely.

But digital marketers need more than marketing tools; they need tools that will help them communicate, improve their efficiency, manage their workload, and other areas that can be improved.

5 Tips for Digital Marketers Working Remotely

Make Sure to Use an Encrypted Network

Many digital marketers working remotely do so in public places, such as a local coffee shop or the public library, or any other quiet, spacious area. And while working in these areas may make concentrating easier than at home, there’s one major issue: security.

Public networks are infamous for their poor security. The lack of encryption often found on these networks mean cybercriminals can view other people’s information and steal it, or even spy on their activity.

This isn’t to say that you can’t work on public networks, but that you need to keep your device safe, encrypted. To do so, you could use a VPN download, which will keep your device safe from unwanted snooping by encrypting your device. Otherwise, it’s best to stay home and work from there.

Take Notes and Keep Them Organized

A productive day relies on your ability to keep track of your work and your objectives for the day. Doing so, however, can be difficult, especially when you’re being flooded with multiple assignments, requests, and even life changes, causing you to lose track of time and work.

To help prevent this, you may want to download a note-taking program. There is plenty of note-taking software out there (OneNote, Evernote, Notion, etc.), so do some research and use the one that sounds best for you. After all, you’ll use this program day-in and day-out, and useful notes prevent unnecessary clutter.

Keep Track of Your Daily Routine

Note-taking helps you keep track of your assignments and daily objectives, but it doesn’t help you keep track of what you’ve done. What does that mean? How many breaks do you take? Do you ever start using your phone mid-assignment? Have you ever stopped work early in the day?

Not keeping track of your daily habits—especially ones that interfere with your productivity—hurt your daily output. Fortunately, programs like RescueTime monitors how you spend your time. From what websites you visit the amount and length of breaks you take, RescueTime helps you cut down on your bad habits.

Stay in Communication With Your Colleagues

Nothing matters more in a remote work landscape than communication. Prompt responses and quick response times are vital to smooth workflow, so if you aren’t staying in constant touch with your coworkers, clients, and bosses, you’re headed for disaster.

Staying in touch, however, is as easy as ever! From assignments boards that allow you to assign work and communicate with your clients (such as Trello) to programs wholly dedicated to pure communication (such as Skype and Discord), it’s difficult not to stay in touch.

Make Social Media Outreach Simple and Easy

Digital marketers deal with social media more than they like to admit. After all, what better way to market a product or service than directly to the public? Hundreds of millions of people use social media, so to not take advantage of its presence would be a significant disadvantage.

However, if you manage multiple social media accounts, things can get messy, disorganized, and frustrating. To keep social media organized, use social media organizing tools such as Hootsuite. These tools allow you to access multiple accounts at once across numerous social media sites, schedule posts, and view social media analytics.

Having an all-in-one social media space makes social media work much less intimidating and helps you stay productive.


A digital marketer’s job is severely underrated, and the work they do often goes unnoticed. However, their jobs are essential for companies and customers alike, and a digital marketer must make sure they’re staying on top of things.

With the tools listed here, managing work and social media will become a hassle-free experience, and you will experience significant improvements in your productivity.