How to Build a Tight-Knit Remote Team (3 Easy Tips)

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Many companies are confidently embracing the challenges that come with remote team work. As such, employees and employers are both discovering that remote work comes with its own unique set of obstacles. The most difficult aspect of remote work is that employees can feel like they’re on their own. 

From the perspective of a business, it is a struggle to incorporate collaboration and integration and have your workers feel like one team when they aren’t physically with each other. How can you build a tight-knit, remote team in these challenging circumstances? It’s all about using the right tools.

Internal Communication Tools

To build a sense of cohesion amongst team members it’s now more important than ever to have a collection of internal communication tools to fill the gap left by a lack of human interaction. While many businesses already use instant messaging or email tools, the pandemic has seen a sharp increase in the rise of video conferencing or multi-functional tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Zoom is a great video conference tool. With a zoom teleprompter app, it’s more functional.

These tools have been invaluable to those who are working at home and need to work closely with other members of their team. Internal communication tools will hold a company together and create a sense of cohesion as well as all-important human contact.

Having High-Quality External Communication Tools

As teams are relying on communicating with everybody through online tools, it’s more important than ever to have high-quality external communication tools. The best way to bring a remote team together is to have a sense of cohesion across every single tool. While internal communication tools are essential to message someone quickly, it’s important to communicate with external stakeholders on the other side of the world effectively. 

Therefore, it’s important to have a platform where you can rely on high video quality and audio to mimic the sensation of both parties being in the same room. Using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) programs doesn’t just increase client interaction and efficiency but VoIP providers also reduce the cost of making a call. Because VoIP uses the internet instead of a phone line, it is a perfect way to have a collection of communication tools in one package without excessive costs.

Using Collaboration Tools

It is crucial to encourage collaboration. When employees use the same network they need to have a cloud storage app. For employees working from a remote location who do not have access to the main IT infrastructure, cloud storage means they can work from anywhere in the world and easily share data with their coworkers. 

Many companies provide various cloud solutions so that every employee can access files easily and at the same time. When time is of the essence and information needs to be accessed instantly, you don’t want your employees going through the hassle of emailing someone based in the office. Cloud storage tools and collaboration tools can help employees access information but also work together on a project simultaneously.

Remote working is the current norm, and it might not disappear for a while. Don’t wait to build a tighter team, not just for the technical benefits but also to ensure that you are all working together as one.

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