2016 Social Media Image Pixel Sizes Cheat Sheet

If your looking to know what size images are the best for every social media platform, look no further. Makeawebsitehub.com has you covered with this infographic updated for 2016.

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2016 Social Media Image Pixel Sizes Cheat Sheet


Profile Image 180×180 PX
Must be at least 180×180 pixels
Photo will appear on page as 160×160 pixels
Photo thumbnail will appear throughout Facebook at 32×22 Pixels
This is the photo that represents you or your brand on FB and appears on your timeline layered over your cover photo.
It also appears when you post to other walls, comment on posts or when searched with Facebook’s Open Graph

Highlighted image 1200x 717 PX
Will appear on your top page at 843×504 pixels
Choose a higher resolution at that scale for better quality

Cover photo
Appear on page at 851×315 pixels
Anything less will be stretched
Minimum size of 399×150 pixels
For best results, upload an RGB JPG file less than 100 KB
Images with a logo or text may be best as a PNG file

Shared Link
Reccomended upload size of 1200×627
Square photo: Min 154×154 in feed
Square photo min 116 x116 on page
Rectangular photo: min 484 x 252 on page


BG image: 1000x 425
1000×425 and 4000×4000 px
Maximum size 4MB
JPG, PNG or GIF files only

Profile image 400×400
Reccomended between 400×400 and 20,000 x 20,000 pixels
Minimum 200×200 pixels
10mb maximum file size
JPG, GIF or PNG files only

Standard Logo: 100 x 60
100×60 pixels (resized to fit)
Maximum 2MB

Career Cover Photo: 974×300
Minimum: 974×300
Maximum 2MB
LAndscape Layout
PNG, JPG or Gif

Banner Image: 646 x 220
Minimum 646×220 pixels
Maximum 2MB
Landscape Layout

Square Logo 50×50
50×50 pixels (resized to fit)
Maximum 2 MB
This is the brand image that shows up when your company is searched.


Channel Cover Photo: 2560×1140
Display Sizes
Tablet Display: 1855×423
Mobile Display: 1546 x423
TV Display: 2560 x 1440
Desktop: 2560 x 423

Video Uploads: 1280×760

Videos must maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio
In order to qualify as full HD, your dimensions must be at least 1280×720 pixels.


Profile Image: 110×110
Appear on your home page at 110×110 pixels
Square photo – make sure to maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1

Photo Thumbnails: 161×161
The thumbnails will appear on the page at 161×161 Pixels
Square photo – Make sure to maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1

Photo Size: 1080×1080
The size of instagram images has been increased to 1080×1080 pixels
Instagram still scales these phots down to 612×612


Header Photo: 1500×500
Reccomended 1500×500 px
Maximum file sizes of 10 MB

Profile Photo: 400×400
Square Image
Reccomended 400×400 pixels
Maximum file size of 100 KB

In-Stream Photo: 400×220
Minimum to appear expanded 400×220 pixels
Max to appear expanded 1024×512 pixels
Appears in stream collapsed at 506×253 pixels
Max file size of 5 MB for photos, and 3MB for animated GIFs.


Profile Image 165×165
Appears at 165×165 pixels on home page
Appears at 32×32 pixels on the rest of Pinterest
Maximum size of 10MB

Board Display 222×150
222×150 pixels (large thumbnail)
55×55 pixels (small thumbnail)

Pin Sizes 236 width in pixels
Pins on main page appear as 236 pixels (height is scaled)
Pins on a board appear as 236 pixels (height is scaled
Expanded pins have a minimum width 600 pixels (height is scaled)


Profile Image 128×128 pixels

Image Posts 500×750
Dash image sizes max at 1280×1920, and show in feeds at 500×750
Images can’t exceed 10 MB
Animated Gifs must be under 1 MB and max at 500 pixels


Profile Image Minimum 120×120 pixels
Recommended 250×250 pixels
Maximum not listed

Shared Images 497×373 pixels
Appears in home stream and on page at a width of 426 pixels
Minmum width of 497 pixels
Maximum upload 2048×2048 pixels
Shared link 150×150

Cover Image 1080×608 pixels
Minimum 480×270 pixels
Maximum 2120×1192 pixels

Shared Image 150×150 pixels