Mobile Ad Blocking Infographic

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The Mobile Majority, The first vertically-integrating mobile ad platform that gives brands a suite of products and services to generate the most success media campaigns throughout every stage, has recently released an eye opening infographic entitled “The Implications of Mobile Ad Blocking on iOS 9” which gives the industry extremely important and surprising data regarding the effects of mobile ad blocking  
Mobile Majority - Ad Blocking - Infographic

Infographic Summary:

What is an Ad Blocker?

An ad blocker is a piece of software that scans web content before it is displayed on a web page. That software then works to block, suppress, or otherwise hide the content (most commonly in the form of “ads”) based on pre-determined criteria.
How will Ad Blockers Work on iOS 9

Ad blockers are extensions for the Safari browser:

These add-ons allow developers to list domains or keywords that should be blocked or hidden from the browser and let users decide what content they do and do not want to see within Safari. It is important to note that this is currently a technology for mobile web browsing inside Safari – and not a device setting on the phone itself.

Consumers spend most of their time In-App:

  • 2013 – 20% Mobile Web, 80% In-App
  • 2014 – 14% Mobile Web, 86% In- App
  • 2015 – 88% In-App, 12% Mobile Web
  • 2016 – ?

Mobile Ad Blocking For Advertisers?

Advertisers are concerned that this change will dramatically reduce viewable impressions (Check out this additional inforaphic from The Mobile Majority about Viewability). However, it is important to remember that consumer’s are using mobile web browsers like Safari less and less.

  • 12% of all time spent on mobile takes place inside mobile web browsers like Chrome, Firefox (Android) and Safari (iOS)
    The overwhelming majority (88%) is spent inside apps.
  • Safari is the most popular browser on mobile and tablet, with 41.81% market share.
  • An estimated 8% of mobile users will download and use an add blocking app.
  • .4% percentage of time impacted by ad blockers. Take a sign of relief publishers and advertisers!

The release of easily accessible mobile ad blocking for iOS 9 is still relatively new and new and still being measured by many angles. It is important for the industry to continue to study, understand and innovate as the explosive growth trend of mobile advertising continues on it’s path of dominance.