Top Mobile Marketing Mistakes

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When developing an online strategy for mobile many marketers make the same mistakes time and time again which ultimately will lead to an ineffective mobile strategy with low acquisition and engagement rates. Formstack created this infographic that shows five reasons why your mobile strategy isn’t working and what you can do about it.

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Mobile Marketing Mistakes Infographic

Infographic Key Takeaways

Problem: Not building an App or Mobile Optimized Site

  • You need a mobile site designed for mobile! Consumers today don’t have patience for poorly functioning mobile sites. The upgrades do pay off in the long run.

Problem: Ignoring Tablet Optimization

  • Don’t forget – there’s more than one kind of mobile device out there. Make sure your mobile site renders just as well on tablets of all sizes as it does on the traditional smartphone screen.

Problem: Lackluster Call to Action.

  • When users grab a smartphone during a search, they have a specific intention and goal. Make it very easy for them with a well defined call-to-action button.

Problem: No Social Auto-fill

  • If your forms are too long, your visitors will leave! Offering social autofill not only reduces time on site – it’s a sanity saver as well!

Problem: Too much Content on your Mobile Site

  • The quantity of content on your mobile site is a large factor in the design equation. Mobile screens are smaller so it’s harder to scroll.