The State of Mobile Marketing in 2015

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Mobile Everywhere! and created an eye opening infographic that explores mobile marketing trends in 2015. Mobile adoption is exponentially increasing globally which creates an overwhelming opportunity for producers of mobile friendly content and advertisers to profit. If you are looking to reach a targeted consumer at home, on the go, or even at a specific longitude and latitude, mobile is the way to go.

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State of mobile marketing 2015

Conversion from Mobile Devices

Last year, ComScore revealed that the majority of US Internet users were not only predominantly on mobile rather than desktop, but also spending most of their time consuming digital media within applications. The percentage of time spent on apps is 86% compared to 14% for Mobile web. 79% of smartphone owners also say they use apps nearly every day.

In spite of the fact mobile users are an increasingly powerful demographic, they do not convert as easily as you may have previously thought. For Q4 2014, the monetate Ecommerce Quarterly revealed that conversion rates by device around the world were:

  • Smartphone .92%,
  • Tablet 2.86%,
  • Traditional 3.41%

 Mobile and Shopping

  • 90% of smartphone shoppers use their phone for pre-purchasing activities such as comparing prices
  • 84% of smartphone shoppers also use their devices to help shop while in a store
  • According to research by mobiForce and SearchEngine Land, 25% of overall search queries are from mobile devices.

Mobile Ad Spend Projections

  • In 2015 Mobile ad spending will be 68.69 billion worldwide
  • In 2016 Mobile ad spending will exceed spend on desktop formats
  • In 2019 Mobile ad spending is expected to reach 195.55 billion