The History of Digital Advertising

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Online Ads 101: Video

Online Ads 101: The history of online ads from Online Ads Edu gives a perfect glance at the history of digital advertising and how display ads have changed since its dawn. This digital advertising video is a gem for any beginner who is new to the world of online advertising and needs to understand the evolution on a macro level.

The early history of digital advertising

In 1998, you had a dial up connection with only the ability to search, check email or hang out in a chat room. These were the memorable days of the internet when connecting to the world in this simple held mystique and endless opportunity. The internet has more opportunity then ever but it’s mystery has faded as we are bombarded with information every day on on all of our devices.

In the beginning, advertisers bought ad space on each individual website, limiting their reach and audience on an advertising campaign. As the industry evolved and online advertising technology emerged and evolved, the process became much more lucrative for both publishers and advertisers.

To understand more in depth about online advertising in it’s current state, learn how Programmatic, also known as real time bidding has optimized, automated and transformed the digital advertising industry into a well oiled machines that powers the economy of the internet we all know today.

for another video to learn about the history of digital advertising see: The Evolution of Online Display Advertising.