Most Desired Industries for Young People to Work in: Digital Advertising

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Want to Make it Big in Advertising?

Digital Advertising has become one of the most desired industries for Generation Y to start their careers in. The Industry is young, growing at an exponential rate and is highly lucrative if you work your way up from the bottom. The goal of this article is to familiarize you with the Industry as a whole and give you an idea of what it is like to work for a digital media company.

What does the digital advertising landscape look like?

 When you hear the word “Digital Advertising” a few terms may come to mind such as exchange, agency trading desk, supply side platform, demand side platform, publishers, advertisers, RTB. The list goes on and on. There are many major players in Ad Tech and the ecosystem is interconnected. Some companies focus on one part of the value chain, while others do not rely on one service and diversify their offering. The Famous Luma Scape picture buckets the major companies in Digital Advertising to show what their role in the industry is.



What is the office environment like for a typical Digital Media Company?

Digital Advertising firms generally have a work hard, play hard company culture. The people you will find working span from all walks of life. Typically the lower level employees consist of college graduates who are young and motivated. They are tech savvy and will work extended hours to hit their revenue and operational goals. BusinessInsider created a hilarious info-graphic stereotype of a common Tech employee. The offices generally have a relaxed dress code, free food drinks, snacks, video games and in the case of the comany, AppNexus, a basketball court!. Digital Media employers keep their employees happy because they are very valuable with the technical knowledge, training and relationships formed with companies through managing accounts. Most floor plans are open to encourage collaboration and create a fun work environment to help the employees thrive and enjoy coming to work every day.


What is the pay like?

With no experience , straight out of college or first time in the industry, working in NYC, you could expect a base salary of around $40K. There are many perks and most companies have competitive bonus plans, opportunities to move up quick, health insurance, many paid days off and free food. Having the experience of working in digital will allow you to move to many companies in the space with a similar offering. They are always looking for experience talent and most likely will match and increase your salary to get you on board.


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