Top Digital Advertising Videos

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The top Videos that give the definition of digital advertising

Top Digital Advertising Videos to help you understand the ecosystem.

The digital advertising ecosystem if often at time challenging to understand with mere words. Visualizing and piecing together the intricate Lumascape can be daunting without the right knowledge. Have no fear DigitalAdBlog has you covered with these top digital advertising videos. These videos are great foundation blocks but it is always important to keep up to date on the industry by reading the top websites for digital media news. If you believe another video should be added to this list, email us at

1. What is Real Time Bidding?

Source: AcuityAds

Oh the age old question that young digital marketers brave every day- what is real time bidding?  A million thoughts come to mind when your colleague asks you to define RTB. If you understand every sentence of this video, you will always be the top dog at your digital advertising company. Real time bidding in simple terms is the automated buying and selling of digital advertisements on the internet. The RTB process occurs in real time and generates the highest CPM for a publisher by making advertisers compete for every single impression.

2. 200 MS The Life of a Programmatic RTB Ad Impression

Source: MediaCrossing

What does the “real time” in real time bidding actually mean. This digital advertising video takes you down to the molecular level of programmtic. To show the life cycle of an ad impression living in a programmatic ecosystem. If you understand the fine details of how ad impressions transact down to the millisecond, you are sure to impress and close large business deals.

3.  The Evolution of Online Display Advertising

Source: iabUK

In the stone age of digital advertising landscape was a simple and inefficient place where publishers only sold their ad inventory directly to publishers for set amounts of time. This is one of the time tested digital advertising videos on the net. There were no detailed performance metrics and it was really the wild west for both the supply and demand sides of the business. The industry is still evolving and has come a long way – now publishers if they choose can automate 100% of their ad inventory and let the marketplace compete for every impression. This video shows the evolution of digital advertising.

4.  Programmatic Buying Primer

Source: AdoMetry

This is a great top digital advertising video for anyone new to programmatic. It explains the core concepts behind RTB and gives a stunning visual that makes programmatic buying look like a cellular structure with connections that work harmoniously to generate as much revenue as possible for publishers.

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