Marketing A Local Home Renovation/Improvement Business Online: How To Succeed

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Marketing any business online is going to be a valuable part of its success. Failure can come in the form of digital marketing with an inferior company outperforming in terms of sales due to its marketing. The quality of work that a home renovation business provides can bring back customers over the course of multiple decades. The marketing budget might not be huge but it is an investment that should be made. ROI on marketing can be seen over the course of time as  a one-time campaign is unlikely to drive real results. The following are tips to help market a home improvement/renovation business online. 

Leverage Social Media With Images 

Social media is going to be a tool to use when it comes to showcasing completed projects. Whether a person is looking for window replacement in Florida or roofers Stroudsburg, PA, social media will play a huge role in their decision. The ability to send social media posts to a family member or friend to get their input makes it even more valuable. Most homeowners might not understand the terminology but understand what they would like done to their homes. The right examples on social media can allow them to clearly state how they want a project to look when completed. 

Making The Website Easy To Navigate

The website is going to be a tool that is used to drive leads. Consultations along with estimates are both great ways to ensure a homeowner does not go with another provider for the project. The ability to budget for a project as the estimate is good for a few months can be so important. Not all homeowners want to put an improvement on their credit cards due to astronomical interest rates. The website should make contact information clear and contact forms should not have any errors. 

Search Engine Ranking Matter 

Coming up at the top of search results outside of the sponsored section can be so important. The top few results will likely get the bulk of the traffic from searchers. Targeting local neighborhoods can be fruitful, especially if there is a renaissance in the area leading investors to come in and renovate multiple properties at a time. Do not discount the importance of keyword research when planning what specific phrases to target. Content marketing is going to be so important when it comes to building backlinks that help drive relevant traffic to the website. 

Using Data To Shape Online Marketing Campaigns 

Data should be collected with each campaign that is run whether it is via Facebook/Instagram Ads or content marketing in local publications. Local publications can help target the customer demographic of a home renovation business. The right styles that are included in a piece of content along with pricing can convince a number of potential customers to schedule a consultation to get an estimate. 

Digital marketing might be better off sourced to a digital marketing agency. After multiple months of a reasonable budget and no results, hiring a freelancer can also help drive results.