Ethernet 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Chances are you will have come across the term Ethernet before in a professional capacity or in your personal life, but what does it actually mean? Ethernet is defined as a networking technology that includes protocol, port, cable, and computer chip that is needed to plug into a desktop or laptop. Throughout this article, it will discuss what Ethernet is and why it is important. 

Is Ethernet Used Commonly? 

Yes, Ethernets are often still in use because it connects devices within a network. It is still used as a form of connection and then is also used on a processing level too. Some of the most common places where you will see Ethernet connections are company offices, school campuses, and hospitals, as it can also be connected to printers, making it easy for someone using a laptop to send something to a printer. The main reason that it is used so frequently, though, is that it offers high speed, security, and reliability. 

What Actually Is Ethernet 

Ethernet is networking technology. Combining protocol, port, cable, and a computer chip, you can plug different hardware into a local area network. 

  • The Ethernet Protocol: This was developed back in the 70s. It is a series of different standards that are laid out to govern exactly how data is sent between components for Ethernet. 
  • The Ethernet Port: These are more commonly referred to as jacks or sockets, and they are openings within a computer network infrastructure where you can plug different cables in. These are essential when it comes to establishing the initial connection. A router normally has several ports so that multiple devices can be plugged into it. 
  • An Ethernet Cable: Finally, there is the ethernet cable, also known as the network cable. This is what will link all of the different pieces of hardware to the network. It has internal cabling and then a plastic jacket covering it.

This allows for the quick transmission of data, which is beneficial to both individuals and organizations. The original technology was developed back in the 1970s, and it allowed computers to be linked via the same network. This means that it was commonly used in large office buildings around the country. 

What To Get Alongside Ethernet 

If you have been considering investing in Ethernet, know that this is likely to be around for a long time to come, so is worthy of your time and money. For companies that decide to get Ethernet, you will want to look into learning more about a microcontroller with Ethernet and discovering the benefits of extra components that can make managing your system a lot easier. Do thorough research into this, turning to detailed blogs on the subject. 

Why is It So Popular? 

Ethernet was and still remains incredibly popular, given it provides a straightforward user interface that facilitates the connection of several devices, including switches, routers, and PCs. With just a router and some connections, it becomes possible for you to create a network that connects all of the necessary devices.