How Your Nonprofit Can Benefit From Having A Case Management Software

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Nonprofit organizations make a significant impact on their respective communities and on the world at large. They are instrumental in creating change, whether that means increasing the number of people who have access to food or improving conditions for animals. The good they do, however, is hampered by inefficiencies that stem from an inability to engage with clients or donors in a streamlined way. No matter how hard they try and how much good they do, it can be difficult to accomplish such a big mission without help.

This is where a case management software solution comes into play. It can help your nonprofit streamline its process for staying organized and helping more people. An automated system for tracking cases will allow you to monitor how well it is working, and make any necessary changes along the way. Through this process, you’ll be able to engage with clients.

First, let’s discuss what case management software is. 

What is a Case Management Software?

Case management software is a system designed to help you organize and manage cases. It can be used in the context of law enforcement, such as when managing investigations or tracking criminal offenders. It can also be used in the medical field, for keeping track of patients’ records and their progress through treatment.

A case management system may work with any type of person: child abuse victims, rape survivors, people with mental illnesses. Whatever type of issue you’re dealing with – whether physical or mental – there’s a case management solution out there that will make your life easier. Case management software comes in many different forms: some are cloud-based apps that run on your browser; others are desktop programs like Microsoft Office, which sit on your computer (or laptop).

Some solutions might require you to enter all the information yourself, while others come with pre-populated fields that can be edited. This means you’ll have more work up front, but less time needed on an ongoing basis. So your case management system may depend on what your needs are and how much effort you’re willing to put in.

Here are ways your nonprofit can benefit from having a case management software solution.

Digital Record-Keeping

In the past, your only option for recording information about a case was to use pen and paper. This required a lot of time and effort on your part, as well as a system for keeping track of where certain files were stored or who had access to them. With case management software, you can now save casework data in a digital format that’s accessible to everyone on your team.

You can also use the software to store documents, such as written records or photographs. This is the best way to ensure you don’t lose track of files, making it easier for other members of your organization to have access to them at all times. By digitizing casework information, you can reduce the time you spend looking for information or getting ready to engage with your clients. You can store all of your files in one place, quickly access them when needed, and have more opportunities to help others.

Improved & Personalized Care

Your clients may be more appreciative of you and your organization if they know that their specific case is being handled by a certain employee. As noted by the team behind CaseWorthy, a case management system allows you to assign cases to the appropriate member of your staff, so each person knows which one(s) they’re responsible for working on. This not only helps keep track of important information more efficiently, but it can boost your client-employee relationship as well.

Centralized Data & Remote Access

A good case management system for nonprofits will provide you with centralized data storage, allowing your organization to easily access information about your cases no matter where they are in the world. This means that wherever you or one of your employees are if there is an issue with a client or donor, you can assess it immediately instead of having to wait until the next business day when you return to your office. The fact that the records are centralized also means they can be deleted if necessary for security purposes. While most cases likely don’t contain sensitive information, there might be one or two that do. For example, in some legal cases, health care facilities need to keep patient medical records private and secure.

Efficient Progress Tracking

The management software system allows you to track all of your cases in one convenient location. This helps provide transparency for organizations that are accountable to their donors or the public. It’s possible that some cases may take months or even years to resolve, but you can get an accurate reading of its status– which can be updated by any member of your organization – by having a case management software system.

Time-Saving Data Entry

You probably have many cases that need to be managed throughout the year, and chances are you’re doing this with an outdated system for tracking them. This might entail manually entering data into a spreadsheet or database several times each day, which is very time-consuming and can lead to human error. With a case management system, you can streamline the process by typing in only the information once and allowing the software to do all of the data entry for you.

Increased Transparency For Clients

When your clients or donors can see just how much you’re doing for them, they’ll be more likely to give you their money or support. With a case management software system, your organization will have an efficient means of demonstrating its progress with each case it’s working on.  You can create reports that show how many cases are active or inactive, the status of each case, and its average processing time. This helps keep clients informed- especially if the case takes a long time to resolve– and allows them to see what their money is getting them.

Nonprofits often have many cases to manage throughout the year, and it can be very time-consuming and prone to human error if you’re not using a case management system. By implementing this automated software for nonprofits, your organization will save so much time because all of their data will automatically populate no matter where they are in the world. The best part? All those hours saved manually entering data into spreadsheets or databases can now go towards providing better care for clients.