NitroPay 2021 Review (Ad Units, Features and My Experience)

NitroPay 2021 Review (Ad Units, Features and My Experience)

NitroPay Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars

What is NitroPay?

NitroPay is a premium data-driven monetization platform for small, medium and large publishers offering cutting edge display, mobile and video monetization. Their small but talented team gives your site personal

NitroPay focuses their efforts heavily on achieving results for their publisher clients by building personal relationships and making reccomendations on how to improve.

My favorite part about them is that they have live chat during office hours, so I just message the founder on Discord if I need anything.

You can easily apply and add domains in their approval center

The way NitroPay works, is that once they approve your site, they will submit your domain to all their SSP demand partners to get your domain approved for header bidding and video ads. Once your site is approved, you just place their header code in and you can start easily building your ad units with a few clicks.

They already have relationships with all of the top ad networks and as a NitroPay Publisher they will work to integrate all of these partners to bid on your ad inventory.

Some of their demand partners include: Google AdX, 33Across, Amazon, AnyClip, AppNexus, Conversant, Critro, DistrictM, DistroScale, EBSCO, Gourtmet Ads, Index Exchange, Just Premium, OpenX, PubMatic, PulsePoint, Rubicon, SelectMedia, Sovrn, Verizon Media, TripleLift and more.

NitroPay Ad Unit Types:

  • IAB Display – 728×90, 970×90, 300×250, 320×50, 160×600, 300×600, Sizeless Responsive ads
  • Anchor – 728×90 Desktop, 320×50 Mobile
  • Article – Seamlessly weave ads throughout your content
  • Sticky Side Rail – dismissable sticky ads that are vertically centered on the left or right of the page. 
  • Sticky Stack – For long sidebars / gutters 
  • Interstitial – Interstitial ad shown when clicking a link that would exit your site. 
  • VideoVideo player placement
  • Ad Refresh – Choose to only refresh your ad units when they are in view and set the optimal refresh rate
 placement builder

Reporting Dashboard

NitroPay as an extremely robust reporting user interface that allows you to see important data about your sites, ad units and demand partner performance. They are extremely transparent about everything going on with your ad inventory.

If you want to target a specific site, you can simply deselect the other domains directly on the dashboard without having to reload the page. It looks great overall and provides all the information you need to make important business decisions.

nitropay reporting dashboard

My experience – are they worth it?

Since working with NitroPay, we have been blown away with the platform and performance. We have a pretty large network of sites and they were able to approve dozens of domains for display (AdX and header bidding) and video units within days. We were up and running in no time.

If you want to give them a shot, just click sign up below or email their team to see what they can do for you.

If you have any questions before speaking to NitroPay and want to learn more from our experience, just send us an email and we are happy to give you any information requested.